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Manufacturer of Olympus Fountain Series

Pond Aeration, Aquatic weed, and Pond Management Specialists.
“Professional Sludge Reduction Pellets”

Pond Perfections is proud to offer the following pond equipment and supplies:

  • Olympus Floating Fountains: 1/3 hp, 1/2 hp, 1 hp, 1.5 hp, and 2 hp models with patterns and cord sizes to fit your needs.
  • Pond Aeration Systems: various models and sizes to fit any pond or lake aeration needs. Sinking weighted tubing and air diffusers for any job.
  • Koenders Windmills: no hydro pond aeration, best price for the best quality parts.
  • Power House Inc.: Ice Eaters, surface aerators and fountain.
  • Professional Sludge Reduction Pellets: spot treat unwanted sludge in ponds, swim areas, docks or shorelines.
  • ORB-3 Professional Bacteria: in handy 1/2lb. packets to improve water quality, clarity and algae control.
  • Aquatic Weed Roller: The most aggressive aquatic weed and algae reduction tool on the market!!
  • Aquatic Weed Tools And Nets: Weed razor, 24” serrated cutting tool and special made aquatic weed nets.
  • Pond Consultation Services: we see hundreds of ponds a year with over 25 years experience.
  • 8 Distributors: located throughout Ontario to serve you better.
  • True Blue Water Dye: Low cost aquatic weed prevention with a appealing blue colour.

Olympus floating fountain and Pond Perfections Inc.

Olympus floating fountain and Pond Perfections Inc. We have designed and build our own Olympus line of floating pond fountains. For many years we have helped our customers with their pond related needs, improving our products along the way. They range from 1/3 hp to 3 hp models with many different nozzle patterns. We wanted a heavy duty floating fountain made to last many years with low repairs. Many of our parts are made in the Mennonite community, we are farmers as well but now its more of a hobby. we want the strong product for our customers. For all fountains available, visit our Olympus Fountains page.

Winter De Icers and Power House Ice Eater

We carry the Power House boat and dock de icers; they are heavy duty de icers that move a lot of water. You can hang them straight up for a big round circle of open water or have them on an angle. This way they throw the water 30′ wide but up to 100′ long area of open water. Our most popular is the P750, 115 volt with any length of cord you may need. Great for winter de icing of boats, docks, swan or duck ponds, or just to keep trout from carbon dioxide poisoning. Visit our De Icer page for more information.

Helping Our Customers!

Our Motto: “Nothing ever happens till you help someone”

Helping our customers is what we do best! Every customer is different and what they have to work with makes their situation unique. We see close to 400 ponds and waterways a year for the last 20+ years. We also help them with hundreds of emails, telephone call, pond consultations, and visits. When you call we like to ask some questions to get to know the size and depth of your ponds. What problems you are having and would like to change.