Winter Bottom Aeration

Winter Aeration to Protect Docks and Boat Houses

Protect your dock and boathouse from ice damage with a winter bottom aeration system. A bottom aeration system is ideal if there is a minimum depth of 6’ of water. When configuring an aeration system we take into consideration the size of the dock, area of water to remain open, distance to hydro, and distance from pumphouse to diffuser locations. Contact us for guidance on configuring your aeration system.

Sample configurations of
winter bottom aeration below:

Benefits of Pond Winter Aeration


Prevents Fish Kill

Bottom aeration degasses carbon dioxide, nitrates, phosphates, and gases out of the water column, while adding oxygen.


Provides Open Water in Winter

Water for swans, geese and ducks and safety from coyotes and foxes.
Open water edge for horse or cattle throughout winter.


Improves Next Year’s Water Quality

Gets rid of phosphates and decomposes sludge over winter, which reduces the nutrients for next year’s algae growth

A 2680 Aeration System is built for this type of service, as it offers a high air volume and air pressure of 10-15 PSI depending on the depth.

Pond Perfections offers top quality product choices for your aeration solution.

For larger ponds or lake fronts the Thomas 2680 Aeration Kit is ideal for bottom aeration, very energy efficient using only 3.2 running amps and has an 18 month warranty.

The standard kit includes Thomas 2680 Compressor, 100′ Weighted Tubing, two 7′′ Air Diffusers, Gear Clamps and Manifold.

For smaller ponds and docks, a Thomas 617 Aeration Kit with one diffuser is an efficient system.

Hiblow air pumps are a great solution if you are looking for koi pond aeration.

Contact us for guidance on configuring your aeration system.


Winter Bottom Aeration


  • Windmill Air Diffuser with Check Valve

  • Weighted Tubing 3/8″

  • Windmill Air Diffuser

  • Winter Windmill Shutoff Valve


Questions on which model or size you need?

Contact us and we will be happy to explain which model and mounting solution is best for your lakefront property.


There are a lot of factors to consider when configuring an aeration system. Contact us for help from an expert who will guide you through with questions to determine the right system for your needs.