Pond Consultation

25+ years of service

Bob Willard, owner of Pond Perfections has 25+ years of extensive knowledge on pond management. 

A pond consultation with Bob will provide you with a better understanding of your pond and how to maintain it, so you can get the most enjoyment from your pond.  

A consultation will actually save you a lot of money, because we go over the Do’s and Don’ts of pond construction or pond clean out.  

Pond Perfections does not dig ponds, but we can refer quality contractors in your area. A consultation before talking to a contractor gives you a clear understanding of your pond vision and puts you on the right track to ensure your pond project is a success!

The Pond Consultation Process


Review trees and vegetation growing near pond that could be a problem. Identify and learn how to get rid of unwanted plants or weeds.


How to eliminate algae and sludge from your pond.


What types of fish would be best in your pond, and how to care for them summer and winter.


Best type of aeration to use (fountain, windmill or aeration) and where to place within your pond.


Discuss type of hydro and what size of electrical cable will be required by pond for aeration or other uses.


Drainage and placement of a new pond, water flow in and out, and slope of the sides and depth.

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