Consultation Services

Pond Consultation and Testing Services

With a pond consultation, we will help you understand:

  • The type of pond you have.
  • The varieties of plants and weeds.
  • How to get rid of unwanted plants, cattails.
  • How to eliminate algae and sludge from your pond.
  • What types of fish would go best and how to care for them summer and winter.
  • What unwanted vegetation you may want go around your pond.
  • Where and what type of aeration to use.
  • What type and size of fountain suits your pond best.
  • What type of hydro you may need for the aeration( what size of cord).
During your consultation, we will help you learn about your pond needs. We can provide information for maintenance and what they might do to get the most enjoyment from your pond. Where we have filamentous algae starting to grow and if not controlled can cover most of the pond.trout F1000017
Our consultations services are on site, first hand experience that relates to your particular pond and needs.  We have may years of experience and do a lot over the phone in a very shot time. By asking pointed questions about your needs we can get real close to fixing the problem in 1-2 call. I can talk and think much faster then I can type!! During an onsite consultation, we can test water quality in many ways; for oxygen, pH, hardness, alkalinity, phosphates, ammonia, copper, and more. As well, we will answer any questions you may have about the pond, fish, weed or algae growth. We do have a small fee for this service to cover gas but you will gain a better understanding of your pond and how to maintain it.
Knowing the type of weeds or algae allows you to control your pond.
Oxygen testing meters, aquatic test labs, phosphate testing meters all play a part if needed to evaluate your ponds water quality.
We take water samples back to the microscopes in our lab to find what type of algae you have. If the water is dirty or cloudy, we can tell you why it’s like that and how to settle it out.