Surface & Aerating Fountains


The Bearon Aquatics 1 HP F1000F aerating fountain has a spray pattern of 6.5’ and 25’ wide spraying close to 160 GPM of water into the air.

Hundreds of gallons of water per minute are moved with an aerating fountain, so when it contacts the water surface, it cools the water. In trout ponds in the summer where the water warms up, these fountains can be used to cool the water therefore helping the trout survive. The water is not blown too high so it doesn’t go onto the grass near the pond’s edge.

F1000F Aerating fountain

Aerating floating fountains are great for cleaning the water and aerating for trout and other fish in the summer.  Aquatic weeds and algae are fed with carbon dioxide, however with use of an aerating fountain you lessen weed growth, thereby creating better water quality for fish and invertebrate in the pond. 

The Bearon Aquatics Aerating Fountains are strong, long lasting fountains and very simple to install and move.  The  floating fountains come with tie ropes so the fountain can be placed in any part of the pond you would like. 

surface aerators

Surface aerators are widely used in fish farming pond aeration as well as for waste water improvement. Due to the very high water turnover of the Bearon Aquatics surface aerators it can build and replenish oxygen levels improving water quality. Recycle lagoons, water treatment and landfill ponds are where they shine.

Why Choose the Bearon Aquatics Surface Aerator?

  • Ideal for aquaculture and wastewater applications
  • Lightweight, easy to install, and simple to operate
  • High oxygen transfer at an affordable price
  • Ideal for supplemental aeration
  • Excellent shallow water operations
  • Water circulation with little to no bottom turbulence
  • All units are available with regular or cast aluminum brackets
  • 2 year warranty

F250 Surface Aerator

Ideal for fish hatcheries, raceways, or ponds that need large amounts of oxygen. The F250 surface aerator works extremely well in winter ponds for swans, ducks, fish or other wildlife. Fish farmers can benefit from the low cost aeration for their trout rearing ponds. This 1/4 HP aerator will give you 987 GPM.

Surface Aerator F1000

F1000DP Surface Aerator for Water Quality Improvement

The 1HP F1000 Dual Prop Surface Aerator is a very strong aeration fountain that works all year round. This unit will provide mass amounts of oxygen for degassing nutrients for pond water reducing algae and bottom sludge. It offers 1000+ GPM, with 1 HP motor. Larger models up to 3 HP available on request.


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