How to choose an Aeration System

Pond aeration

Pond aeration is the process of adding oxygen to pond water to improve water clarity and overall pond health.  Both bottom and surface aeration systems are available to infuse water with oxygen, depending upon your requirements and end goals.

What is Pond Aeration?

In addition to infusing water with oxygen, pond aeration also enhances good bacteria growth.  Bacteria is required to break down particles in the pond water, turning them to gases which aeration removes from the water. There are many different strains of good bacteria in ponds, and they all play an important part in cleaning up the pond environment.

It takes oxygen for bacteria to break down sludge in the lower pond water where carbon dioxide, sulfur, nitrates, and other gases are in higher density. This process is called degassing, which is removing the nutrients that feed algae and pond weed growth.

Before & After

These charts demonstrate the changes that good aeration can make in a pond of any size and shape. Carbon dioxide, phosphates, nitrogen, sulfur gases and sludge build up all play a roll in pond and fish health.

Pond Perfections provides several different types of diffusers depending on pond size and goal, so it is important to review your needs with us before purchase. Just a few minutes on the phone going over your pond information and aeration needs will set you up with a good quality, long term aeration system.

What is your goal?

Is water clarity and clean pond water for viewing or swimming your goal?  Are you tired of wading through weeds with your toes squishing in muck?    Good aeration provides oxygen to help bacteria break down particles in the water column, reducing organic material and providing clearer water. The higher the good bacteria load the cleaner the water.  Combining good aeration and POND CLARIFIER produces pristine clear water!


Oxygen is required to support life within your pond ecosystem. Fish need oxygen the same way we do, and the main cause of fish kill in ponds is due to carbon dioxide build up from a lack of oxygen.

Some fish species require colder water, while others are fine in warmer waters.  For example, trout are cold water fish, so please consult with us for the best solution for your pond life.

Lowering the oxygen level to the bottom of the pond also improves the invertebrate environment. This improves fish and other pond inhabitants with a better natural food source for health and population.

Pond aeration provided by bottom aeration systems move massive amounts of water from the bottom of the pond to the top. This mixes oxygen throughout the whole pond and is the best type of aeration for swimming ponds.

It may only take a 1/3 HP compressor to accomplish a good bottom aeration job.   Matching the diffusers to the air output give you millions of tiny bubbles rising to the top taking water with it. This air lifting is where the gas transfer takes place; oxygen goes in and foul gasses go out.

Most popular unit is a 1/3 HP unit with weighted tubing, eliminating the need to weigh down the lines, and 2-3 bottom diffusers.

2680 aeration kit

Pond aeration provided by the 2680 Aeration Kit or other bottom aeration systems move massive amounts of water from the bottom of the pond to the top. This mixes oxygen throughout the whole pond and is the best type for swimming ponds.



There are a lot of factors to consider when configuring an aeration system. Contact us for help from an expert who will guide you through with questions to determine the right system for your needs.