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OLYMPUS Fountains

Pond Perfections Inc. is the original designer and manufacturer of the Olympus line of fountains now sold in many countries.  The Olympus fountains were built with strong durable parts and top of the line motors, offering many years of service.  Standard feature on Olympus fountains is our muskrat proofing wrap, to stop little critters from chewing fountain cords.  

Olympus Fountain with Artemis Fountain

Tips and Reminders

  • Turn OFF fountain equipment for inspecting, cleaning, and replacing of parts.
  • If you are experiencing fountain troubles, never try to fix the motor and pump yourself; please let us do it properly at our authorized service center. Trying to fix an Olympus Fountain or Bearon Aquatics Fountain yourself will void your warranty and is unsafe.
  • Pull your equipment out of the water occasionally. Depending on your location, inspections may need to be once a month or as little as once per season. Check for any nicks on the power cord, damage to the propeller, and how eroded your anodes have gotten. Debris and damages to the unit might cause the units to have reduced efficiency, ruin the bearings, or even stop working prematurely.
  • When moving units around, use the mooring lines. NEVER use the power cord to move the unit. Using the power cord can damage the connections and cause your unit to malfunction.
  • For Best Results use commercial grade GFCI on all equipment


Pond Perfections has partnered with Bearon Aquatics (previously The Power House) over the last 25 years. We have sold hundreds of their fountains in Canada. As an authorized service centre for Bearon Aquatics equipment, we have extensive knowledge on their products and carry a large stock of parts to help you with any of your fountain maintenance or fountain repairs.

When calling for fountain service or maintenance, please have this information available:  

  • Make and model of fountain
  • Provide pictures of the unit so we can identify it
  • 115 or 230 Volt Hydro
  • Distance from main panel box to fountain location in the water
  • If an onsite service call is to be scheduled, will the fountain be out of the water?
  • Is the fountain shorting out the breaker?
  • Is a GFI being used?  Is it new or an old one? 
  • Is the cord in good repair?

Olympus Fountain and Bearon Aquatics Fountain Services available:

  • Full stock of parts:  motors, propellers, floats, cords, lighting, and screens
  • Refurbish units by replacing waterlogged floats, or raising motor assembly in the shroud
  • Cord repairs, and we also stock new cords
  • Schedule a service appointment at our location.  We can fix while you wait
  • If you are located within 3 hours of our location near Wingham, Ontario we can do an onsite service call and repair the fountain at your location. 
  • We can repair some other brands of fountains as well.

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