Perfections Inc.

is the Canadian Authorized Repair and Warranty Service Centre for Bearon Aquatic products (previously known as The Power House).
As a distributor for over 25 years, our team has extensive experience working with the Bearon Aquatics/Power House ice eaters, fountains, and aeration systems.S

Ice Eater And Blower Repairs are provided for the full line of Bearon Aquatics (Power House) products, including Ice Eaters, Aquatic Weed Blowers, Weeds Away, and Fountains / Surface Aerators.

  • Motor Repairs and Warranty work
  • New and Rebuilt motors are ready and stocked for exchange and quick turnaround
  • Fast 24-Hour Motor Service
  • Stock maintained of parts (only original parts used)

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Please complete the form for requests for service, and we will contact you as soon as we can. You can also contact us by telephone at 1-866-367-5932

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