Aquatic Weed Blower

The Aquatic Weed Blower includes 25′ tie ropes.  Available in 3/4 HP (CL750) and 1 HP (CL1000) and 1 HP Dual Prop.  Select HP, cord length and voltage in selection lists below.

The Aquatic Weed Blower provide all-season protection from ice build-up in winter, aquatic weed growth, and floating debris in summer.

The Bearon Aquatics Aquatic Weed Blower is designed to prevent ice formation around boats, marinas, and boathouses. An ice eater is also called a blower or thruster, and comes in 3/4 HP and 1 HP, with options for 115 or 230-volt power.  Ice eaters come with a 25′, 50′, or 100′  electrical cord and 2 braided ties ropes 25′ long, and longer cords are available upon request. This de-icer unit has a 16″ shroud designed to move high amounts of water like a canon.  Installed on the angle the ice eater will keep an area of 35-40′ x 100′ open in the winter.

In the summer, use it as an aquatic weed blower to blow floating aquatic weeds and debris away from your dock or beach area. The growth of aquatic weeds will be hindered due to the fast-moving water. When used with our dock mount you have six different angle settings to cover shallow or deeper water.

Dock Mounting System

Consider our Heavy Duty Dock Mount system to add flexibility to the angling blower direction.  The dock mounting system works for winter or summer use. 360-degree coverage. 6 different angle positions are available and include a 6′ pipe to lower it down where needed. Use in summer to blow aquatic weeds and debris from your beach area.

Dockmount Mounted

Shallow Water Portable Mount System

Place the heavy-duty Portable Mount system in shallow water to support your Aquatic Weed Blower.  The portable mount unit moves easily by sliding or rolling along the shoreline to clear debris in your swim area or lake frontage.  Sliding pad feet or two 8″ wheel options are available for easy transporting.

Portable Weed Blower Mount 2

Accessories available:

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in
Select Model

CL750 – 3/4 HP Ice Eater/Blower 25', CL750 – 3/4 HP Ice Eater/Blower 50', CL750 – 3/4 HP Ice Eater/Blower 100', CL1000 – 1 HP Ice Eater/Blower 25', CL1000 – 1 HP Ice Eater/Blower 50', CL1000 – 1 HP Ice Eater/Blower 100', CL1000DP – 1 HP Ice Eater/Blower 25' Dual Prop, CL1000DP – 1 HP Ice Eater/Blower 50' Dual Prop, CL1000DP – 1 HP Ice Eater/Blower 100' Dual Prop

Select Voltage

115V, 220V


Contact us and we will be happy to explain which model and mounting solution is best for your lakefront property.

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