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Throughout the years of helping others, we have learned the most effective ways to treat or clean up a water problem and deal with unwanted aquatic weeds in ponds and beach areas.

It is a continued pleasure helping customers with their plans to create a pond, provide solutions and products for the clean up, as well as to protect and beautify a pond or lakeshore property.

Over the years, we at Pond Perfections Inc. have developed great partnerships to distribute several top-notch products to our customers. At times though, when Bob could not find an existing product for his customer to his standard of quality, he simply designed a new one! Pond Perfections has designed several products over the years, such as the Olympus Floating Fountain Series sold now across North America, Sludge Reduction Pellets made specifically for Canadian water temperatures, and Heavy Duty Dock and Portable Mount units for the Ice Eater and Aquatic Weed Blowers. Our team has also grown along the way to provide installation and service for the solutions we sell to our customers.

Today Pond Perfections offers a full range of top-quality products and services to over 1,800 customers across Canada every year. 

Our customer base consists of pond and lakeshore property owners in many industries including marinas, golf courses, mushroom and vegetable farms, greenhouses, commercial ponds, and the Ministry of Natural Resources for fish health and water quality.

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The praise Pond Perfections Inc. has received from our customers for product quality and customer service over the years continues to encourage us. We will strive to continue offering top-quality solutions and service for our customers – besides we love what we do!

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