Aquatic Weed Roller By Beachroller



The Aquatic Weed Roller by Beachroller is the best in Canada! This aquatic weed and sludge reduction tool is very simple to use by anyone.
  • Cleans a 2 foot wide path with a 20′ handle.
  • Cuts PLUS pulls weeds out by the root.
  • Loosens and blasts up the muck on the bottom.
  • Gets down to the hard sandy bottom.
  • Then maintains the nice sandy lake bottom.
  • Use the Weed Roller to speed decomposition
  • You get very aggressive action.
Aquatic Weed Roller

The Aquatic Weed Roller is simple to use:

1. Lower the roller in the water.
2. Let the roller fill with water and sink to the lake bottom.
3. Push the Aquatic Weed Roller along the lake bottom.
4. The 6 custom blades rip, cut, and pull up weeds and muck.
5. Repeat until your beach area is clean.
6. Greatly increases Oxygen and bacteria levels in sludge

Top 10 reasons to use the Aquatic Weed Roller

1. Removes undesirable weeds and muck from lake bottom.

2. Simple and easy to use for all ages. 

3. Inexpensive. Does not cost $1000’s like other lake weed tools. 

4. 1 year warranty on all parts. 

5. No permit required. No power required. 

6. Portable – use in all areas and depths other tools miss. 

7. No expensive and harmful chemicals are used in your lake. 

8. No maintenance: Powder Coated Aluminum. Galvanized Blades. PVC Roller. 

9. Easy to move, store or hide when not in use. Store in the new heavy duty canvas cover with easy to use zipper.

10. The long term solution to a fabulous beach and lakeshore!

Aquatic Weed Roller

The Most Aggressive Aquatic Weed, Algae, and Sludge Reduction Tool on the Market!

At first sight, the Aquatic weed roller has a very aggressive manner, with 3 sets of very durable blades cutting and ripping out weeds and Chara algae. While the Beachroller/Aquatic Weed Roller is busy cutting and tearing out weeds it is also helping to create a softer sludge layer on the bottom. 

By exposing the sludge and sediment on the bottom and mixing in more oxygenated water you speed up the decomposition of the muck and sediment. This also helps natural bacteria to infiltrate the sediment and again speed up sludge decomposition. As you loosen the bottom sludge deeper harder sludge is worked up repeating the cycle. The less sludge and muck you have the less the weeds and algae will grow. 

By throwing in some of our sludge reduction pellets before you use the aquatic weed roller you will be putting mass amounts of good bacteria, enzymes, and amino acids to work supercharging the decomposition process.

The Aquatic Weed Roller can be used by many different users:

  • Private pond owners
  • Cottage owners for around docks
  • Swimming beaches and areas
  • Campground maintenance crews
  • Golf coarse maintenance care
  • Boat owners and marinas
  • Landscape companies
  • Trailers parks beaches
  • Retirement community ponds And More!
Happy Customers
We purchased our beach roller from Jim while attending one of the sportsman shows. The beach roller has made great difference in keeping our shoreline looking nice. Thanks Jim, your product is easy to use and provides great results. Jim provides exceptional customer service as well.
Tim Hughes From Beachroller Site
Happy Customers
Thanks for your help today. I have been using your pond roller for a year now and can’t tell you how incredibly happy I am with it! Our ponds look great, and weeds are gone. I have used lots of pond products before but have not seen any that work on muck and weeds like the roller. Thanks again.
Brent Bailey From AquaticWeedRoller
Happy Customers
Best beach product! Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what a GREAT tool the beach roller is I bought it June 2017 after looking at it for 2 summers on line, After seeing what a difference it made on my lake bottom my neighbor bought one. for 8 yrs I have worked my tail off trying to improve my lake bottom, because of this tool I have finally beat it. We have just sold our home ( today) and I know because of the work I put in with the Aquatic Weed Roller it was a contributing factor in the sale of the house. My neighbor across the lake has now bought mine after seeing what it did for me.
Art Campione From Beachroller Site
Happy Customers
The newer model is greatly improved! I just purchased the newest model of the beach roller. I was lent from a neighbor, one of the first versions of this made beach roller available and found that to my liking, so decided to see if I could find one for myself. I was able to contact the company and purchased that same day. The new line of cutters are more aggressive and the rollers is over 4 lbs lighter than earlier models. This is a great product that has taken years to makes great improvements. Take my word....this will make cleaning your beach area easier than you think.Thanks Jim for an excellent product.
Tim Drinka From Beachroller Site
Happy Customers
Good option for no weeds Great product – works well. Good substitute for the automated option as it is much cheaper. Really a good tool. My lake beach is so much nicer for the family and grand kids.
Amazon Customer From Beachroller Site
Happy Customers
No weeds! It is easy to assemble and it pulls out the weeds.We have calf high muck so it is easier to use the roller at lake level rather than from the dock. A few hours keeps the weeds out of a 90 x 90 foot area.Don’t know if it would work on weeds with thick stalks, but get them early in the season before the get big.I’m rolling over the muck trying to move it downstream and am seeing some progress but there isn’t much current. Keep on rolling along!
Dan Regan From Beachroller Site
Happy Customers
I have received your product and had an opportunity to use it three times now, for about 15 min a session. Very pleased with the noticeable improvement to my shoreline! We now have a nice beach area for wading with a hard, clean, sandy bottom. I am confident I can easily maintain this with regular, minimal effort. I have seen similar products, but this has been well worth the investment for me and my family. Thanks again!
Paul from Stayner