Picking the Perfect Fountain

A fountain can be a beautiful addition to your pond or lakeshore property! A floating fountain will enhance the view and sound of your landscape, as well as provide aeration to degas and clean the water.

Pond Perfections Inc. is the original designer and manufacturer of the Olympus Floating Fountains. Never straying from our belief in building reliable and cost effective equipment, we created the Olympus Floating Fountain to serve the need of a diverse floating fountain for large or small ponds or waterways.

The Olympus Floating Fountain is durable, dependable, energy efficient equipment ranging from 1/3 HP to 3 HP, to serve a wide range of customer needs. A 2-year warranty is included and lighting accents are available.

Things to consider when choosing a fountain


Size of Pond or Lake Area

The length and width of the pond or lake area will establish the appropriate size of fountain required.


Wind Interference

Determine if there is a lot of wind in the proposed fountain location or if it is a shaded area. A windy location can blow the water over to the shore wetting the grass. In windy locations we recommend choosing a fountain that sprays wider, not higher and has a bigger water droplet. In a shaded area the fountain spray pattern is not disrupted by wind and stays more uniform.


Size of Fountain

A wide selection of fountain sizes and nozzle options are available to suit your taste and the size of your pond or lake location. Choose the fountain size and nozzle pattern from selections below.


Hydro Requirements

The size of fountain will determine the horsepower required. Review the Floating Fountain Specifications chart below for the motor HP to obtain the voltage and amp information. The length of electrical cord required can be calculated by distance from power source near water to location where fountain is to be placed, plus cord length to reach bottom depth.

Next, determine how far it is to the main power box, to make sure the wire is sized right to meet the hydro load required. Other hydro requirements to consider are fountain lights, other pond lighting, music, etc. Your electrician will ensure adequate hydro sizing is in place to prevent amperage drop. Pond Perfections can provide guidance on proper wire sizing for your fountain as well – give us a call if you have questions.

Olympus Fountain Models and Nozzle Selections

A wide variety of nozzle pattern choices are available for different pond sizes. Pond Perfections strives to manufacture sturdy units that require low horsepower and low running amperage without sacrificing the height and diameter that comparable brands require. Each unit is simple to install, easy to maintain and nozzles can be changed in a matter of minutes if you want to change the spray pattern. Five different motor options and a variety of gorgeous nozzle pattern options combine for spectacular beauty worthy of each Greek god/goddess for which they were named:


Available for all HP Models

Sixteen angled sprays surround the base of the Artemis while eight taller jets fill the center.


1/3 HP – 10’ UH x 5’ LH x 30’ Dia.
1/2 HP – 11’ UH x 7’ LH x 30’ Dia.
1 HP – 12’ UH x 8’ LH x 35’ Dia.
1.5 HP – 18’ UH x 11’ LH x 45’ Dia.
3 HP – 20’ UH x 13’ LH x 45’ Dia.
UH=Upper Height LH=Lower Height Dia=Diameter


fountain in a pond

Available for 1/3 HP

Two multi-layered bottom crowning patterns are divided by a single center spray in this 3-tier display.


Upper Height: 11’
Mid Height: 9’
Lower Height: 8’
Total Diameter: 24’


fountain in a pond

Available for all HP Models

Four clusters of angled outside streams create a majestic crowning effect that surrounds four taller center streams.


1/3 HP 11’ UH x 8’ LH x 30’ Dia.
1/2 HP 13’ UH x 10.5’ LH x 40’ Dia.
1 HP 13’ UH x 10.5’ LH x 40’ Dia.
1.5 HP 20’ UH x 12’ LH x 45’ Dia.
3-HP 20’ UH x 15’ LH x 50’ Dia.
UH=Upper Height LH=Lower Height Dia=Diameter


Available for All HP Models

Simple in design, Bounty’s classic crowning profile not only provides elegance, but heavy consistent streams of waterflow throughout the entire body.


Upper Height: 8’-6”
Lower Height: 7’
Diameter: 15’


Available for all HP Models

A willow effect is formed from 10 heavy streams that symmetrically rise and trumpet out at the top.


1/3 HP – 11’ Height x 7’ Dia.
1/2 HP – 13’ Height x 5’ Dia.
1 HP 15’ Height x 5’ Dia.
1.5 HP 22’ Height x 5’ Dia.
3 HP 22’ Height x 5’ Dia.


fountain in a pond

Available from 1/2 HP to 1.5 HP

3 strong tiers carry heavy streams of water to form this trident-like upward bodied fountain.


1.5 HP – Upper Height: 16′, Middle Height: 14′ Lower Height: 12′, Diameter: 22′
3 HP – Upper Height: 25′, Middle Height: 25′ Lower Height: 14′, Diameter: 20′


fountain in a pond

Available for all HP Models

Eight heavy 45 degree streams surround a single center geyser to create Poseidon’s lotus-like form.


1/3 HP 11’ UH x 9’ LH x 30’ Dia.
1/2 HP 11’ UH x 7’ LH x 30’ Dia.
1 HP 11’ UH x 8’ LH x 35’ Dia.
1.5 HP 21’ UH x 12’ LH x 45’ Dia.
UH= Upper height, LH= Lower tier height, Dia= Diameter

Add A “Wow” Factor To Your Olympus Floating Fountain !

Shoot a burst of bright white illumination through any of the majestic Olympus fountain nozzle patterns with optional LED lighting. Our top quality LED bright light kits are built with stainless steel to reduce corrosion and is a stunning enhancement to your fountain beauty. 1/3 HP Fountains use two 6-watt LED lights and the larger Olympus models use two or three 18-watt bulbs placed around the float. An optional Intermatic 24 hour timer is available to set the timing for your fountain lighting.

floating fountain specifications and options



Contact us and we will be happy To help you determine size, hydro requirements and nozzle and lighting options.