Pond Aeration Systems Installation & Repairs

25+ years of service

If you have questions on Aeration systems, Pond Perfections can help you!  We have many years of experience selling and servicing pond aeration systems of every size to customers all over Canada.

Pond Perfections only sells top of the line quality pumps, diffusers and tubing to our customers helping to keep repairs over time to a minimum.

Diffuser Maintenance

Over time diffusers can get a build up of calcium and minerals if the pond water is hard. This slows the air flow and puts back pressure on the pump. If you notice your diffusers are not running as good as when they were new. It might be time to clean or replace the diffusers. To clean a diffuser take it out and put it in vinegar or CLR solution. This will eat the calcium and then wash the outside with a brush or better yet a pressure sprayer.

Air Compressor / Pump Repairs

All our air compressors are repairable, bring in to our service centre, or ship to us for repairs.  We will assess the repairs required and contact you with costs. Depending on the age it might be better to buy new or upgrade the compressor. The Pond Perfections team is very experienced working with aeration equipment, so even if its not a system we sold, we can have a look.

Upgrades to consider:

  • Consider upgrading to new air stream diffusers which have a much higher water movement and gas transfer.
  • For older systems where the tubing is held down with weights, upgrading to self weighted tubing is an excellent idea. Pond Perfections did not use weights for their tubing, but a lot of other companies sold tubing requiring separate weights.

Don’t hesitate to call us with aeration service or maintenance questions – our experience is free.  When calling please have this information available:

  • Size and depth of pond?
  • 115 or 230 Volt Hydro?
  • How far is it from the pond to the panel box and what size of wire is it?
  • What type of fish do you have?
  • Can you send or bring along a drawing of the pond?

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