Weeds Away – Aquatic Weed Blower


Weeds Away our Aquatic Weed Blower is easily installed on your dock or boathouse, and operates in as little as 2′ of water to push floating weeds and debris over 100′ away from your dock or beach area.

The continuous water current created by the newly designed Weeds Away shroud works like a canon with more force and direction to move weeds, muck, silt, and suspended debris away from your swimming area, dock, marina or pier.

The included Dock Mount has 6 angle settings.  For removing floating vegetation and debris set the blower 2 feet under the water at 2 o’clock setting.  For shoreline weeds and debris set 1-1/2 feet from bottom at 90 degree angle, but keep up off bottom.


Weeds Away Our Aquatic Weed Blower W1000

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Weeds Away - powerful and energy efficient

Weeds Away is the same Top Quality Aquatic Weed Blower from Bearon Aquatics we have provided to Canadian customers for years, with a new name and streamlined shroud look.  The shroud design provides more force and direction control in the water flow current.

The amazing Weeds Away blowers move 1250-1600 Gallons of water per minute and only use 6-7 amps of running hydro.  Available in 3/4 HP and 1 HP, with options for 115 or 230-volt power. 

Weeds Away  comes with a quick disconnect power cord, protective intake screen and a dock mount kit. 

weeds away our Aquatic Weed Blower - Key Features


Blows weeds and debris from your shoreline over 100' away. Operates in as little as 2' of water.


Energy efficient and simple to install.


Dock Mount Kit and Protective Intake Screen included. Optional portable shallow water mount system available.


Designed to agitate fresh or salt water at maximum efficiency in all climatic conditions.


Built strong for many years of service.


2 Year Warranty.


Weeds Away Our Aquatic Weed Blower W1000
MODEL        HP     GPM      VOLTS      AMPS      

W750           3/4     1250     115/230       6/3                

W1000           1       1400     115/230      7/3.5          

W1000DP      1       1600     115/230      7/3.5          
(Dual Prop)

Weeds Away Our Aquatic Weed Blower
  • Motor housing can is constructed of 16 guage 304 stainless steel.
  • Motor exceeds NEMA specifications and is UL and CSA  compliant and C.E. certified.
  • Stainless components immersed in environmentally safe dielectric lubricating fluid – non toxic and biodegradable.
  • Quick Disconnect Underwater rated Power cords available from 25’ to 250′ lengths, with 115V or 230V motors.
  • Bronze endbell for corrosion free operation in fresh and salt water.
  • Motor shafts is 316 stainless steel, the best material for salt water application.
  • Propeller is custom designed for maximum thrust
    and performance.
  • Comes complete with sacrificial custom designed aluminum alloy anode.
  • Sleek shroud design moves more GPM with direction control of water flow current.

Mount Options

Weeds Away on Galvanized Dock Mount

Heavy Duty Dock Mount

Pond Perfections’ Heavy Duty Dock Mount is included with purchase of a Weeds Away Blower.  The Dock Mount provides 360 degree movement with 6 operational angles and can be mounted vertically or horizontally on docks or boathouses.  The Dock Mount Kit includes 6′ galvanized pipe and is easy to install or take off when not in use.

Shallow Water Portable Mount System

A NEW Portable Mount System is available which can slide or roll to different locations along the shoreline.   Place the Portable Mount system in shallow water to support your Weeds Away – Aquatic Weed Blower.  The portable mount unit moves easily by sliding or rolling along the shoreline to clear debris in your swim area or lake frontage.  Sliding pad feet or two 8″ wheel options are available for easy transporting.

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