Weeds Away - Our Aquatic Weed Blower

How "Weeds Away" Works

Weeds Away

The Weeds Away, our Aquatic Weed Blower operates in as little as 2′ of water, Weeds Away is designed to create a continuous current of water. This current will, like a natural water current, move weeds, muck, silt, surface and suspended debris away from wherever it is pointed.

The Weeds Away or thruster can be hung from the end of the dock or boathouse about 3 feet under the surface. See the chart below for Gallons of water moved per minute for each of the models, along with voltage used for either a 115 or 230-volt motor. 

Weeds Away

WEEDS AWAY our Aquatic Weed Blower manufactured by Bearon Aquatics (formerly Power House) has been designed for maximum performance with a 19” shroud directing  mass amounts of water where you want it, pushing weeds, debris, and sludge over 100 feet away and further.  Dock and portable mountings systems are available to maximize coverage areas.

Pond Perfections

Weeds Away - Aquatic Weed Blower Key Features


New this year - free screen included for protection from wood or other floating objects.


Power cords are available in 25’, 50’ or 100’ lengths, with 115V or 220V motors.


1 Year Warranty.


Designed to agitate fresh or saltwater at maximum efficiency in all climatic conditions.


Environmentally Friendly Dielectric Lubricating Fluid is Non-Toxic and Biodegradable.


Patented heavy-duty PVC Venturi housing is designed for superior water flow and protection of the motor and propeller.


Bronze end-bell ensures a long life without cracking or warping.


Dock mount systems and New portable shallow water mount systems available.


Use in Summer as a thruster to blow away aquatic weeds and debris.

Use in Winter as a de-icer to protect your docks and boathouses.

Mount Options


A NEW Portable Mount for the Weeds Away – Aquatic Weed Blower is available, which can slide or roll to different locations along the shoreline. Optional glide pads or wheels available.

Heavy Duty Dock Mount

Pond Perfections’ Heavy Duty Dock Mount has several different angle settings and can be mounted vertically or horizontally on docks. 

Questions on which model or size you need?

Contact us, and we will be happy to explain which model and mounting solution are best for your lakefront property.

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