Koenders Windmill Kit

Koenders Windmill kit includes 50′ of top quality weighted tubing,100′ of plastic tubing, air diffuser, check valve and fittings.


Koenders Windmills is a long-term, low-maintenance way to aerate your pond in all four seasons. The Koenders Windmill Kit produces the results of an electric bubbler without the need for electricity.  Windmills are available in 12’, 16’, and 20’ heights.

Windmill pond aeration will de-gas a pond reducing carbon dioxide, nitrates, sulfur, and other unwanted gases.  As a result, the natural decomposition will speed up the organic material, creating more good bacteria to consume partials and bottom sludge.

In the winter, to prevent winter fish kill, oxygen is required to get rid of carbon dioxide buildup in a pond.  A gas transfer occurs when the oxygen leaves the air diffuser on its way to the surface, keeping a hole open where the gases will escape.

Windmill installation Service

  • Windmill installation includes erecting of the windmill, leveling and cementing of the base, and diffuser installed in the pond
  • Installations are available within 3 hour’s drive of Wingham, Ontario
  • Koenders Windmill kits can be shipped anywhere in Canada
  • Call for a quote for installation at 1-866-367-5932

Windmill Repair Service

Pond Perfections provides Koenders windmill troubleshooting and repair services.   Contact us at 1-866-367-5932.

Windmill Size

12' Windmill, 16' Windmill, 20' Windmill


Contact us and we will be happy To help you determine size, hydro requirements and nozzle and lighting options.

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