Breaking the Ice: How The Ice Eater Keeps Your Water Accessible and Thriving

Key Features and Functionality

Subsurface Water Circulation: At the heart of the Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater is its patented Venturi-styled housing and propeller system. This unique design draws up warmer subsurface water and propels it toward the surface. By doing so, it creates a constant circulation of warmer subsurface water and colder surface water.

Preventing Ice Formation: The magic of the Ice Eater lies in its ability to keep the water in motion. As warm water rises to the surface and cold water sinks, it effectively prevents further ice formation. This continuous circulation also contributes to the melting of existing ice.

Adjustable: Using the dock mounting system, units can be hung from the end of docks or boat houses, approximately 3 feet below the water’s surface. The Ice Eater can be adjusted to point upwards, creating a large round opening, or set on an angle to create a long, thinner ice opening ideal for boats and waterways.

Versatility: To enhance the Ice Eater’s versatility, consider using a thermostat to regulate its operation on warmer winter days. This can help you save money by only using it when necessary. Some customers also opt for timers to control ice formation around docks or boat houses, providing an additional layer of convenience and cost savings.

Benefits of Using the Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater

Protect Your Investments: If you have a dock, boathouse or operate a marina, protecting your assets from ice damage is essential. The Ice Eater ensures that ice doesn’t form around your boats, piers, docks and boathouses saving you time and money on repairs.

Preserve Waterfront Property: For waterfront property owners, the Ice Eater is a game-changer. It helps maintain open water access, making it easier to enjoy your surroundings during the winter months.

Marina and Dock Operators: For marina and dock operators, the Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater can be a crucial asset. It ensures that your facilities remain functional and accessible, even in the harshest of winter conditions.

Wildlife Preservation: Ice Eaters also have environmental benefits. They help sustain oxygen levels in the water, which is essential for aquatic life during the winter. The constant circulation prevents water from becoming stagnant and supports the survival of fish and other aquatic creatures.

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