Olympus Floating Fountain 1.5 HP

1.5 HP Motor, 230V floating fountain includes 50′ + tie ropes.  Select Electrical Cord Length, Fountain Nozzle, and optional lights.


Olympus Floating Fountain 1.5 HP

Olympus floating fountains are built strong after many years of service, and beautify your pond or waterway with sight and sound.

  • Popular for larger ponds or bodies of water
  • Fits nicely into ponds that are over 100′ or larger
  • Operates in water 48″ deep
  • 1.5 HP Motor, 230V
  • Includes a start capacitor box
  • Includes 50′ + tie ropes
  • Options to choose from for your floating fountain:
    • Nozzle pattern
    • 100′, 150′, or 200′ Electrical cord
    • Optional 18 Watt bright LED Lights
  • Quick and simple to install

Available in a stationary fixed base unit as well with no float.  See Shallow Pond Fountain for more information.

Electrical Cord

100', 150', 200'


Bounty, Artemis, Athena, Poseidon, Hermes

LED Lights

No Lights, Qty 3 – 18W bright LED Light 100' Cord, Qty 3 – 18W bright LED Light 150' Cord, Qty 3 – 18W bright LED Light 200' Cord


Contact us and we will be happy To help you determine size, hydro requirements and nozzle and lighting options.

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