F1000F Bearon Aquatics Aerating Fountain

1 HP Model F1000F Aerating Fountain with Trumpet pattern. 115 or 230 volt models, include 100′ electrical cord and 2 50′ anchor ropes.



F1000F Bearon Aquatics Aerating Fountain

The F1000F Aerating Fountain is energy efficient and custom-designed to agitate high volumes of water at the surface producing large, even goblets of spray in an eye-pleasing circular V-shaped pattern that can operate in as little as 14” to 18” of water.  These very strong, long-lasting fountains are very simple to install and move.   The Power House floating fountains come with tie ropes so the fountain can be placed in any part of the pond you would like, and are great for cleaning and aerating the water for trout and other fish.

Bearon Aquatics (previously The Power House Inc.) manufactures the 1 HP model F1000F aerating fountain. It has a spray pattern of 6.5’ and 25’ wide providing close to 160 GPM of water into the air. They can be wired 115 or 230 Volt.  Kit includes 100′ of electrical cord, black floats, and 2 anchoring cords 50’ long.  Longer lengths of the electrical cord are available upon request.

A floating fountain can be anchored to the bottom with bricks and the tie ropes provided. The bricks should be placed firmly on the bottom of the pond/lake at 45 degrees from the fountain down to the bottom. Quick attach clamps make it simple to install and easy to remove the fountain in the Fall. To remove detach the clamps and put on a 6’ piece of rope and float. The lines and the bricks always stay in the water and only the fountain is moved out.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding aeration or other fountain options for your pond.


Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 18 in
Select Voltage

115V, 230V


Contact us and we will be happy To help you determine size, hydro requirements and nozzle and lighting options.

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