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Winter Aeration – Ponds

Bottom Aeration Systems enable water to remain open throughout the winter to reduce carbon monoxide build-up and reduce fish kill.

Benefits of Winter Aeration

swans in winter

  • Bottom aeration degasses carbon monoxide preventing fish kill.
  • Keep water open for swans, geese and ducks throughout winter.  Open water provides safety from coyotes and foxes looking for a winter meal.
  • Get rid of phosphates and decompose sludge, which reduces the nutrients for next year’s algae growth, thus  improving water quality.
  • Provide an open water edge for horse or cattle throughout winter. 

A 2680 Aeration System is built for this type of service, as it offers a high air volume and air pressure of 10-15 PSI depending on the depth.

2680 Aeration System

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