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True Blue Water Dye Q & A

Water Dye can be used to give a pond a deeper blue color. They can also help change the color of a pond that has brown or murky waters. Water dye can also help filter out the sunlight to the aquatic vegetation that is not wanted in your pond. This is an inexpensive way to control the weeds and algae in the deeper parts of the pond.  True blue pond dye come in convenient Solu-Paks that you throw into the water. Also available in a 4L jug that you pour in spots around the edge.

Question 1 – Can water dye reduce weeds and algae in a pond?

True Blue Water dye is a vegetable water dye that floats in the top 6’ of water. The Water Dye helps to block out the sunlight to weeds and algae reducing growth.


Question 2 – Is it easy to apply True Blue Water Dye in my pond?

After sizing your pond needs you can use a simple to use water soluble packet or the 1 gallon liquid jugs. If you need help please call to go over your requirements. The water solupacks come in a foil packet you tear off the top and throw the inside packet into the water with 2 fingers.


Question 3 – How much area does a True Blue packet cover?

The packet of water dye is good for a 50 x 100’ pond.  If your pond is twice the size use 2 packets, etc.  Stand on the upwind side of the pond on a less windy day when applying. The 1 gallon jugs are better for small ponds that need less per application, but 1 liter is good for a 50 x 100’ pond.  Apply the right size dose in the spring and top up every month until August with enough to keep the sun blocked out during the summer.


Question 4 – Is it healthy for my pond to use True Blue Water Dye?  

In addition to beautiful blue pond water, the vegetable based water dye speeds up the removal of phosphates and sludge resulting in cleaner pond water.   With less weeds growing, it provides an opportunity for the natural bacteria in the pond a chance to catch up, because the oxygen level goes up as it is not needed for sludge decomposition. The lessor organic matter growing in your pond the  cleaner the water quality.

True Blue Water Dye is made at Precision Laboratories in USA, and has been a leading water dye product sold all across North America for over 30 years.