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True Blue Pond Dye


True Blue Pond Dyepond with true blue

  • Environmentally safe, vegetable based water dye
  • Dyes water to a beautiful, natural deep blue colour
  • Filters out sunlight, resulting in less aquatic weed and algae growth in ponds
  • Most effective way to control weeds and algae in the deeper parts of the pond
  • Hides brown or murky waters

True Blue Jet Black Pond Dye

  • Same as True Blue Pond Dye
  • Dyes pond water to black colour
  • In larger ponds mix it 3-1 for a different shade

True Blue Liquid

  • Available in a 4L jug that you pour in spots around the edge
  • Great for smaller pond under 50′ x100′, which requires less then one solu-pak

FYI – With less aquatic weed vegetation growing, the good bacteria in a pond along with a higher oxygen level provides a better environment for removal of phosphates and sludge, resulting in cleaner pond water.  

Directions for use

  • Available in convenient solu-paks that you throw in
  • Tear open the foil outer packet and with 2 fingers, and throw the inside blue solu-pak into the pond
  • 1 packet does a 50′ x 100′ pond
  • Top up monthly to maintain color, and for a cleaner pond
  • For True Blue Liquid use 1 litre does a 50 x 100′ pond. Top up the color every month to shade out the weeds and algae

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Water Dye packetTrue Blue Packet

True Blue Water Dye - 6 Pack True Blue Pond Dye; box of 6 packets

True Blue Jet Black box of 6 True Blue Jet Black Water Dye




True Blue Water Dye Liquid True Blue Liquid gallon

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