True Blue Pond Dye

True blue pond dye

True Blue Pond Dye can be used to give a pond a deeper blue color to your pond. They can also help change the color of a pond that has brown or murky waters. Water dye can also help filter out the sunlight to the aquatic vegetation that is not wanted in your pond. This is an inexpensive way to control the weeds and algae in the deeper parts of the pond. True Blue Jet Black is also available and some customers with larger ponds mix it 3-1 for a different shade.

True blue pond dye come in convenient solupacks that you throw into the water or in a 4L jug that you pour in spots around the edge. The color can be topped up the color if needed. With less plants growing you are giving the bacteria in the pond a chance to catch up in the removal of phosphates and sludge resulting in cleaner pond water. this is because the oxygen level goes up as it is not needed for sludge decomposition. The lessor organic matter growing in your pond the lessor the nutrients and the cleaner the water quality.

True Blue Pond Dye

Directions for use


Available in both handy solupacs ( 1 packet does a 50 x 100′ pond), top up monthly to block sunlight form weeds and algae.Tear open the foil outer packet and with 2 fingers throw the inside blue packet right into the pond.

For gallon use; 1 liter does a 50 x 100′ pond. Top up the color every month to shade out the weeds and algae.

True blue water dye is a vegetable bases water dye and not a chemical. used widely around the world to clean up pond weeds and algae. Golf courses, municipal pond, home owners, parks and campgrounds.

Shipped easily to Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well as the east coast, by UPS, Canada Post or pick up from our distributors in Ontario.

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True Blue Water Dye

True Blue Packet $25.00

True Blue Water Dye - 6 Pack

True Blue Pond Dye; box of 6 packets, $ 130.00 shipping and taxes included. Ships by Canada Post

Black Water Dye - Pond Perfections

Jet Black Pond Dye; box of 6 packets, $130.00 shipping and taxes included. Ships by Canada Post

True Blue Water Dye Liquid

True Blue Liquid gallon $89.00 per gallon

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