Trouble shooting pond aeration

Trouble shooting pond aeration is not hard to do if you think about he basics. With all things sometimes you need some basic maintenance; electrical pond aeration is no exception.  With electric aeration you have pumps that have carbon vanes, diaphragms or rocking pistons inside them. If you pump is running and you are getting no bubbles here are 3 things to look for;

Is there a hole in the air line down to the pond?

Are there bubbles in the pond but not where the diffusers are?

Is the pump running but no air is leaking out anywhere.


First take the line off the pump at the pump, if the motor is running and no air is coming out then you have to rebuild the pump or get a new one. In a few quick questions I can have an answer for you about your pump over the phone on what needs done.! We see upwards of 400 ponds a year and troubleshooting  comes from experience. If you pump is putting out air but there is no leaks out to the air diffuser then the diffuser is the problem.


Pull the diffuser out, take off the air line and if there is air pressure then yes the diffuser needs attention. You can pressure spray the diffuser out side the inside , and repeat a few times. If this does not work then its clogged and needs replaced. Newer styles of air diffusers are more clog resistant and we have then in stock. We are only a phone call away from helping you when you have questions. Thanks !