Olympus floating fountains 1.5 HP, 220 volt, 100' cord - $3,200.00

Olympus floating fountains 1.5 HP, 220 volt, 100′ cord – $3,200.00

Sizing a pond fountain to the length and width of your pond, is a good idea before you buy. Floating fountains add sight and sound to your landscape, help to degass and clean the water. Pond fountains also help to grow good bacteria and speed up decomposition of bottom sludge.

When sizing a pond fountain we first look at the physical size of the pond, for this lets say you pond is 125’ x 80’. One of the first things is wind interference, is there a lot of wind or is it in a shaded area. Reason being that a windy location can blow the water over to the shore wetting the grass, and speeding evaporation.

In a windy location choose a fountain not so high but wider and has a bigger water droplet. In a shaded area the fountain can be higher and more horse power, in this case a 1 hp fountain would be the right size for our pond.

The 1 hp fountain is still a great fit for the pond but choose a water nozzle that will give you the higher water pattern. Our web site has a small order form to fill out, we call every customer and go over their particular needs and information. If you need help please call and I am happy to help with your pond needs.