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Professional Sludge or Muck Pellets


Professional sludge or muck pellets are working well beyond expectations! In fact when used around the edges of the pond the weeds and algae are greatly reduced. The Canadian blend of beneficial bacteria, trace minerals and amino acids are consuming the sludge and preventing growth. For example by spreading the pellets around the outside 20`you can control this treatment area. Likewise you can use the sludge pellets to spot treat problem areas.

Sludge Reduction Pellets
Sludge Reduction Pellets
sludge reduction pellets
Muck Pellets to remove bottom sludge, skid



Fastest growing pond maintenance tool in north America!! – Professional sludge or muck  pellets  with beneficial bacteria.


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The new Sludge reduction tool !!

In 2013 we developed the Professional sludge or muck  pellets and brought it to our customers in Canada. This is the next step in rejuvenating and helping to maintain good pond health. It is quickly becoming a valuable tool in reducing unwanted pond sludge or muck on beaches and swimming areas. A lot of customers who have tried it have doubled their orders, with comments like; You can see where you stopped the treatment areas. The weeds and algae have stopped growing in the area treated. You can see the tiny bubbles working after about 10 days. Very simple to just throw in and quick! Call – 519.367.5932 for more information.


Sludge or Muck Reduction Pellet


  • Biodegradable Pellet form
  • Sludge eating bacteria, amino acids and trace minerals
  • Naturally eliminating odor-causing sludge
  • Reduces sludge with-out heavy equipment
  • Reduces built-up and restores water depth
  • Spot treat beaches or pond edges
  • Spot treat around boat docks, and swimming areas
  • Simple to use and broadcast
  • Offers you future control of your pond

Professional Sludge or Muck Reduction Pellets

For years we at Pond Perfections Inc. have been helping customers clean-up and regain the natural beauty of their ponds, lakes and swimming areas.  In 2014 we had a wonderful year with the sludge reduction pellets, we found that less sludge comes less weeds and algae. Swimming beaches had less muck to wade through, and fewer weeds growing.

Specialized Canadian DSL approved bacterial strains

Professional sludge or muck reduction pellets are a special blend of amino acids, trace minerals and selected Canadian approved bacteria. These pellets were designed for ponds, lakes, and lagoons as a low-maintenance way to reduce sludge buildup. Professional sludge or muck reduction pellets are fortified with specialized Canadian DSL approved bacterial strains that are high volume waste consumers of muck and organic matter. These pellets have a broad trace mineral base and an organic catalyst to increase productivity of the bacteria in each pellet. The pellet itself is used to take the active ingredients down to the bottom sludge for maximum effect.


“Sludge or Muck reduction pellets offer the customer control over organic material in their ponds.”


 “Fastest growing pond care product in the USA and Canada. “


Sludge reduction pellet case study


During the summer of 2009 a lake and pond management company in the Midwest used sludge reducing pellet to clean-up a lake beach area. Samples of the sludge were taken in April, July and August then sent to a state certified laboratory and tested for levels of organics. Pellets were applied once a week for four weeks and every other week until the end of August. The pellets were applied at the recommended application rates throughout the test.


“The result was a 60% reduction in overall organic content.” 


 Thought you would like this demo/lab test. Interesting information for pellet effectiveness. A quick note with an update on our project. While they are still in test mode, I wanted to share the information with you and the manufacture to support the traditional “team” approach. Just wondering if there is any potential to further impact the sludge degradation by doing a secondary application? (dump some more sludge pellets into the existing sample). Is this kind of remediation “dose responsive”?


Let me know your thoughts however the results so far look pretty good. This morning I have received the information from them as followed. We are still at testing stage, not able to commit on the volume yet. Our fist lab test result had indicated sludge reduction between 30-50%, which is good. See picture below:


(left: Blank


Right: after one week with sludge pellet)



sludge testing

level of decomposition



Sludge is reduced from 900 mL level to 500 mL level after one week. Conditions: Temperature is kept 30-33oC, aerated, and we add sludge pellet to the sample. We kept blank for final comparison (see sample on beaker glass, right picture). Treated sample color had turned from black into brown during treatment. We will do second batch of test with different condition. Answer from Tom Repp which is right on target. Thanks for the update. A 30% to 50% reduction is considered very good results in such a short time. In terms of remediation the best results are likely to come after 2 weeks time.


Organic matter reduction program


Method: grab samples of the substrate within the Lauderdale lakes, Baywood ass. Beach area were taken before, during and after the test period. Composite sediment samples from 4” to 24” of water were used for the test. Samples were sent to a state certified laboratory, where they were dried at 105C to remove the water and weighted. Followed by ignition in a muffle furnace at 550C for 2 hours, the remaining weight is mineral content ( sand, metals, clay, etc).


Application rate


Total product used 24 lb 4 lb per week for the first 4 weeks 2 lb every other week thereafter Beach area sampled 15’x40’ April 28, 2009 sample – 1.51% of the sample was organic in nature July 17, 2009 sample – 1.4 % of the sample was organic in nature August 27, 2009 sample – 0.9 % of the sample was organic in nature Results; the sludge reduction pellets used in the beach area appeared to have reduces the overall organic content significantly. Prior to the addition of the product, organic matter composition was 1.68 times greater then the composite at the end of the testing period.




Revolutionary Naturally Generated Solutions…Helping Mother Nature


Spot Treatment (Pier, Beach, or Problem Area) Use 8lb. per week for 4 weeks; then 2lb. every other week as needed; at this rate 50lb. will treat up to 4,000 sq ft for a five month season   For Optimum Results Use as directed Apply when ambient temperature is 50°–90° F; dissolved oxygen level is over 1.0ppm; pH is 6 – 8; alkalinity is less than 100ppm Use with other Orb-3 Professional Enzymes, Bacteria and Phosphorus Reduction products for a full treatment program Proper aeration will enhance product performance


Treatment area


Try a spot treat in your beach area, around boat docks or a 10’ x 50’ area along you pond shore. Use as directed,   Professional sludge reduction Pellets Application Guide Handling and Storage Easily shipped anywhere in Canada Size Pkg Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight 10 lb Pail, 25 lb Pail, 50 lb Bag/Box . Skid lots available for municipal or lake associations. Please allow for lead time on larger orders. Store this product out of direct sunlight in a cool dry area. For best results, use within 12 months. Lead time