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Ice Eater CL1000 – 1HP


Ice eaters are designed to prevent ice formation around boats, marinas, floating docks, boat houses, fish ponds, or duck and swan ponds.

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Power House CL1000 Ice Eater – 1HP

The  Ice Eater CL1000 (P1000) by Power House is designed to prevent ice formation around boats and in marinas. It can also be used near floating docks, boat houses, fish ponds, or duck and swan ponds. This dock bubbler comes in 115 or 220 volt power so it cane be used anywhere. Comes with 25′, 50′, 100′ electrical cord and 2 braided ties ropes 25′ long. This deicer unit has a 16″ shroud to move high amounts of water like a canon to keep the area deiced. When the power house P1000 ice eater is put on an angle it will keep an area 35-40′ x 100′ open in the winter. 

Shroud Design

The design of the Power House Ice Eater CL1000  Ice Eater Deicer Venturi shroud (housing) with outwardly flared ends draws warmer water from greater depths than other conventional deicers .The shroud is below the surface at least a foot because you don’t want to deactivate or suck air. Because of the mass amount of water it moves . Either vertically or angled from vertical. A set of mounting holes at opposed positions on the flange allows the lines to be attached.

Winter set up

The Power House CL1000 are a very simple way to deice around docks and boats for the winter months. The units are hung from the end of the dock or boat house about 2-3 feet under the surface. as a result when you point it up you get a large round opening. They can also be on an angle to make a long thinner ice opening for a boat or waterway. They come with tie ropes and cords either 25’, 50’ 100’ long, and in 115 or 220v motors. One of the popular models is the 1 HP CL1000 dock bubbler. Screens for trash and thermostats are available therefore we are a one stop shop.

Dock Mounting System

The dock mounting system works for winter or summer use. 360 degree coverage. 6 different angle positions to go from straight up to down to bottom weeds. Comes with the 6′ pipe to lower it down where needed. Use in summer to blow aquatic weeds and debris form your beach area.CL750 Power House Ice Eater

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in

CL750 – 3/4 HP Ice Eater 25'
CL750 – 3/4 HP Ice Eater 50', CL750 – 3/4 HP Ice Eater 100'

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