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Power House Surface Aerators

Power Houser surface aerators are widely used in fish farming pond aeration but also for waster water improvement. Due to the very high water turnover of the Power House surface aerators it  can build and replenish oxygen levels improving water quality. Recycle lagoons, water treatment and landfill ponds are where they shine. 

F250 Surface Aerator

Ideal for fish hatcheries, raceways, or ponds that need large amounts of oxygen. This 1/4 HP unit will give you 987 GPM.  The F250 comes standard with 50′ anchor ropes, available in 115 or 220 volt models.

The F250 surface aerator works extremely well in winter ponds for swans, ducks, fish or other wildlife. Fish farmers can benefit from the low cost aeration for their trout rearing ponds. It can be installed in as little as 5 minutes with the tie ropes provided.

Good for ponds up to 1 acre, optional 1″ mesh cage for bottom.

Surface Aerator

F750DP Surface Aerator for Water Quality Improvement

The F750 3/4 HP Dual Prop aerator is a very strong aeration fountain and provides a strong 1050 GPM at 7 working amps.  The pattern is about 2 feet high and 4 feet wide, with a 25’, 50’ or 100’ electrical cord. This unit will provide mass amounts of oxygen for degassing nutrients for pond water reducing algae and bottom sludge. It will work in as little as 16” of water.  Beside industrial applications this aerator is also great for smaller ponds owners that want to add something special to there back yard pond.  To install set unit in water using the tie ropes, anchor the unit to the opposite side and plug in! 

Larger models up to 3 HP available on request.


Surface Aerator F750