Winter deicer for docks, boats, cottages. Power House Ice eater

Power House Deicer

Power House Ice Eater Design Features

The design of the Ice Eater’s deicer venturi shroud (housing) with outwardly flared ends draws warmer water from greater depths than other conventional deicers.

The shroud is submersible below the surface either vertically or angled from vertical. A set of mounting holes at opposed positions on the flange allows the lines to be attached.

The Power House is committed to providing the finest Ice Eaters available in the marketplace. As a result, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Power House Ice eater Deicer

The Power House ice eater are a very simple way to deice around docks and boats for the winter months. The units are hung from the end of the dock or boat house about 3 feet under the surface and can be pointed up for a large round opening. They can also be on an angle to make a long thinner ice opening for a boat or waterway. They come with tie ropes and cords either 25’, 50’ 100’ long, and in 115 or 220v motors.

Our most popular is the P750, ¾ hp unit, as the P750 is the same price as the ½ hp. Screens for trash and thermostats are available. We stock the P750 in all cord lengths and can get larger units as needed pictures.


Power house iceater in action - Dock Deicing

docks-boatsDock Deicer

Bottom Aeration for Winter De-Icing

Hanging Power House Iceater
Ice Eater deicers are custom designed and engineered for maximum performance.Our units are designed to agitate fresh or salt water at maximum efficiency in all climatic conditions.Our energy efficient Ice Eater’s will agitate more water than any de-icer on the market today. We ship by UPS or Canada Post.



Many swans, geese and ducks stay around all winter so many customers and parks supply aeration to keep water open. Birds can have access to open water and safety from coyotes and foxes looking for a winter meal. We do many horse or cattle ponds, keeping 1 edge open for then to water. You put the diffusers near the edge and the horses step on the ice near the pond. The weight of the animal pushed down the ice and the water is brought to them on top.

You can use a 2680 aeration system that are built for this type of service. It takes a unit that offers higher air volume and air pressure of 10-15 PSI. depending on depth.

Another benefit of  winter aeration in a pond is to get rid of phosphates and decompose sludge reducing the nutrients for next year thus  improving water quality and reducing algae. Call for more information on your deicing needs.