Koenders Windmills

                      Koenders windmills, Pond aeration  Koenders windmills are a long term, low maintenance way to aerate your pond in all four seasons. By using a Koenders windmill you use no electricity and yet get most of the benefits of an electric bubbler. They come in 12’, 16’ and 20’ heights and should be put up so they will catch the most wind even if it’s 300’ from the pond.
Sw16 shallow water pump
LD8 well water pump
Water pumps can also be run off of the windmill to pump water for cattle troughs, cottage or homestead, or for topping up pond water levels .
With no oxygen transfer, carbon dioxide builds up in the water causing winter kill. The picture above is a windmill supplying an air diffuser with oxygen. The resulting air lifting of water is keeping the surface open for gas transfer to continue.
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Front View
Top View
Side View
Winter Windmill
Windmill Construction
Windmill View
Winter Windmill
The Koenders windmill comes in 5-6 boxes, the largest 20’ windmill weighs 270 lbs complete. This will easily fit in most cars or trucks for transport. We also ship by UPS or transport truck anywhere in Canada or USA. We now have special 3/8” weighted tubing to go from the windmill to the air stone. This means no more bricks or weights to hold the tuning on the bottom.
With the air stone on the bottom you can see the results of air lifting  and water movement.



Koender windmills installation

We sell the windmills in convenient kits with top quality hoses, diffusers and check valves. They come in 12, 16, or 20’ high kits and are easy to ship anywhere you are. If you are within 3 hours of our location we will install the windmills for you. Price depend on mileage and terrain that the windmill is to go on. The windmill is built at our shop and transported on a trailer behind a half ton truck. We go to the trouble of cementing in the windmill so it never blows down. When we are done the windmill is up and running, with diffuser in pond.

windmill repair picRepair services

We are happy to troubleshoot problems or repair the Keonders windmill. We have rebuilt canisters that have new bearings and are cleaned and painted. With a special built platform that hangs on the windmill top bar we can stand up on top, making fixing and troubleshooting simpler. Some troubleshooting can be done over the phone, just give me a call and we will guide you through.