Pond Aeration

Pond aeration like the 2680 aeration kit or bottom aeration systems do many things, it adds oxygen for the fish and other pond life. It helps to move the oxygen to the bottom of the pond so good bacteria can consume the sludge and debris. Some fish need more cold water then others and some are fine in warmer waters. Pond aeration works well for clearing the water for swimming and other sports. Fishing is one of the main reasons for having a pond and this too may play a part in the pond aeration you choose. Give us a call for more information or consider our pond consultation service.

pond aeration before

Pond Aeration Before

These charts will show the changes good aeration can make in a pond of any size and shape. Carbon Dioxide, Phosphates, Nitrogen, sulfur gases, sludge build up all play a roll in pond and fish health. Good bacteria break down partials in the pond turning them to gases that aeration removes from the water. This in turn takes away the nutrients that feed algae and pond weeds reducing their growth. It takes oxygen for good bacteria to break down sludge and dead plants in the lower pond water as carbon dioxide is higher. This is why degassing a pond help clean the water and remove bottom sludge.

pond aeration after

Pond Aeration After

before-after-pond-aeration There was a mild weather rain storm in the winter causing manure from a local farm to flow into the pond. As you can see the pond had duckweed and cloudy water, meaning there was very high nutrient load and high carbon dioxide. There was 2-3 feet in the bottom of the pond. Using the right bacteria and pond aeration the after picture was 9 months later. You can see right to the bottom and the pond owner was very pleased with our work and products. image003 Degassing a pond of nutrients, gases, phosphates and raising the oxygen level grows good bacteria which speed up sludge decomposition. Using air lifting you can move hundreds of gallons per hour from the bottom to the top. It only takes a small 1/3 hp compressor to do the job. Matching the diffusers to the air output give you millions of tiny bubbles rising to the top taking water with it. This air lifting is where the gas transfer takes place, oxygen goes in and foul gasses go out. Bottom aeration systems move massive amounts of water from the bottom of the pond to the top. This mixes oxygen throughout the whole pond and is the best type for swimming ponds. You need to think of fish type when aerating as trout are cold water fish and you may want to ask for advice. image004 Most common is a 1/3 hp unit with weighted tubing so you don’t have to weigh down the lines and 2-3 bottom diffusers. We have many different types of diffusers so it’s a good plan to go over your needs with us. Just a few minutes on the phone going over your pond and aeration needs will set you up with a good long term aeration system. Lowering the oxygen level to the bottom of the pond also improves the invertebrate environment and population. This improves fish and other pond inhabitants with a better natural food source for health and population. Different fish have different needs in temperature, so consult our staff as it takes oxygen to break down sludge. Windmills, fountains, surface aerators or bottom aeration systems can be matched to your need. image005 An added benefit of good aeration is that it takes oxygen to help bacteria break down partials in the water column, again reducing organic material and providing clearer water. The higher the good bacteria load the cleaner the water. There are many different strains of good bacteria in ponds and they all play an important part in cleaning up the ponds environment. Winter aeration works very well to open the ponds for ducks and geese, if you fish are important to you aeration also stops winter kill from carbon dioxide build up. swans-ducks Fountains or surface aeration are also good match for cleaning up ponds. Olympus floating fountains come in many hp sizes to match your pond size. The greater the hp the bigger the water pattern can be. We have many different patterns to choose from. image009 Please ask any question so we can help you best! Call Toll Free – 866.367.5932 Call Local – 519.367.5932 or send us a message here.