Power House Floating Fountains

Power House Floating Fountains

Power House Floating Fountain - Pond PerfectionsThe Power House Inc. manufactures the 1 Hp model F1000F aerating fountain has a spray pattern of 6.5’ and 25’ wide providing close to 160 gpm. of water into the air. It can be wired 115 or 220 volt and have black floats and 2 anchoring cords 50’ long.

Not only do you get hundreds of gallons of water per minute with an aerating fountain, but when it contacts the water surface it cools the water. In trout ponds in the summer where the water warms up, fountains can be used to cool the water helping the trout survive. The amount of water is not blown too high to and so doesn’t go onto the grass near the pond’s edge.

Surface Aerator - Pond Perfections

F1000 Side View

Surface Aerator

F1000 Top View

Surface Aerators

F1000 as an Aerator

The aerating Power House floating fountains are great for cleaning the water and aerating for trout and other fish in the summer. Very simple to install and move these are very strong long lasting units. Aquatic weeds and algae are fed with carbon dioxide and by using the aerating fountain you lesson the growth and maintain better water quality for fish and invertebrate in the pond.

FountainlightsLights can also be added to your fountain, you can get white or colored. Good quality underwater lights can add a lot to the fountain at night.

Power House floating fountains can be shipped anywhere in Canada and the USA by courier or freight. We deliver to most parts of southern Ontario as we cover a lot of territory helping with pond maintenance, pond aeration or windmill installations.

The   Power House floating fountains come with tie ropes so the fountain can be placed in the part of the pond you would like. If you need longer ropes its custom cut to your needs, most times at no charge. They can also be anchored to the bottom with bricks and the lines provided. You should place them at 45 degree from the fountain down to the bottom. Quick attack clamps make it simple to install and then easy to take out in the fall. Detach the clamps and put on a 6’ piece of rope and a float. This way the lines and the bricks always stay in the water and only the fountain gets moved out.


F250 floating aerator for summer water quality or winter swan ponds

Floating Fountains CanadaThis year we have a very strong aeration fountain that works all year round, it offers 300 GPM, with only a ¼ or 1/20 hp motor. The pattern is about 2 feet high and 4 feet wide, with a 25’, 50’ or 100’ electrical cord. The unit will provide mass amounts of oxygen for degassing nutrients for pond water reducing algae and bottom sludge. It will work in as little as 16” of water, great for smaller ponds and owners that want to add something special to there back yard pond.

The F250 surface aerator also works extremely well in winter ponds for swans, ducks, fish or other wildlife. Fish farmers can benefit from the low cost aeration for their trout rearing ponds. It can be installed in as little as 5 minutes with the tie ropes provided. Priced at less then $900.00, it has 5 times more water and is a very strongly construct unit for many years of service. They are also available with LED lights and timers, providing 10 colors and able to change through the colors providing you with great night time enjoyment!

F750 Power House Surface Aerator kit
F250 surface aeratorIdeal for fish hatcheries, raceways, or ponds that need large amounts of oxygen. This unit will give you 987 GPM. this 3/4 hp has 304 stainless steel and bronze construction. Comes standard with 50′ anchor ropes, in 115 or 220 volt models. Good for ponds up to 1 acre, optional 1″ mesh cage for bottom. 115 or 220 volt models. Larger models up to 3 hp avalable on request.