Olympus Floating Fountains

Olympus  Floating  Fountains

Power House Floating FountainFor many years, people have enjoyed leisure time spent around bodies of water. Swimming, fishing, boating, along with the wildlife attracted to this vibrant eco system have provided generations with life long memories. We at Pond Perfections Inc. specialize in aquatic weed and pond management. Along with the experience of caring for hundreds of ponds a year we manufacture the Olympus floating fountains, a full line of water fountains to help you maintain your pond.

Olympus Floating Fountains - Pond Perfections We also sell the Power House Inc. floating fountains and surface aerators. These Olympus floating fountains provide a wonderful addition to the sights and sounds of your pond. They also provide excellent aeration to improve the water quality in your pond. Pond aeration cleans the water and speeds up good bacteria growth resulting in healthier ponds. These fountains have many different nozzles that are interchangeable . Most are  available in LED colored or regular white lights that add to the night time ambiance of your pond.

Our Olympus 1/3 hp fountains are great for pond that are 30’ up to 150’ and have many different nozzle patterns. These are very popular as you get more fountain for less horsepower then our competitors. Cord lengths from 25’ to 150’ , 115 volt and take only minutes to install.

Easily shipped anywhere in one box, UPS or Canada Post. Olympus floating fountains can be shipped anywhere in Canada and the USA by courier or freight

Our larger Olympus floating fountains 3/4 hp are for ponds 50’ x 50’ and up, and are available in 115 volt and 220 volt models. The 4 main sizes are 1/3 hp, ¾ hp, 1 HP, 1.5 HP and 3hp units with a variety of patterns. The patterns are very easy to change and can be done in a matter of minutes. Just buy the extra nozzle you want and spin off the original nozzle, spin on the new nozzle and back out into the pond.

Star Burst Floating FountainDecorative fountains do have a lot to do with health and water quality. We like larger water droplets to help cool the water and slow evaporation.  With the constant degassing of nutrients and pond gases, this helps to clean the water and speed the decomposition of sludge and partials.
If you are in a very windy spot you may think of a pattern that is lower and wider so you don’t throw water on shore.

We can also help with the sizing the Olympus floating fountains if needed, depending on size of pond and the hydro you have or the hydro you will need.
Please feel free to call and we can help you out, its our experience that makes your choice easier. We can go over hydro needs, pattern sizing, hp needed for your pond. Tie rope or anchoring needs, windy or sheltered patterns. We see hundreds of ponds a year and help with hundreds more, so we are good at troubleshooting your needs.
Toll free 866-367-5932 we love to help!

We deliver to most parts of southern Ontario as we cover a lot of territory helping with pond maintenance, pond aeration or windmill installations.
cascading jet nozzle floating fountainsThe Olympus floating fountains come with tie ropes so the fountain can be placed in the part of the pond you would like. If you need longer ropes its custom cut to your needs, most times at no charge. They can also be anchored to the bottom with bricks and the lines provided. You should place them at 45 degree from the fountain down to the bottom. Quick attack clamps make it simple to install and then easy to take out in the fall. Detach the clamps and put on a 6’ piece of rope and a float. This way the lines and the bricks always stay in the water and only the fountain gets moved out.

Surface Aerator - Pond PerfectionsThis year we have a very strong aeration fountain that works all year round, it offers 300 GPM, with only a ¼ or 1/20 hp motor. The pattern is about 2 feet high and 4 feet wide, with a 25’, 50’ or 100’ electrical cord. The unit will provide mass amounts of oxygen for degassing nutrients for pond water reducing algae and bottom sludge. It will work in as little as 16” of water, great for smaller ponds and owners that want to add something special to there back yard pond.
The F250 also works extremely well in winter ponds for swans, ducks, fish or other wildlife. Fish farmers can benefit from the low cost aeration for their trout rearing ponds. It can be installed in as little as 5 minutes with the tie ropes provided. Priced at less then $900.00, it has 5 times more water and is a very strongly construct unit for many years of service. They are also available with LED lights and timers, providing 10 colors and able to change through the colors providing you with great night time enjoyment!