Olympus floating fountain and Pond Perfections Inc.

 Olympus floating  fountain and Pond Perfections Inc. We have designed and build our own Olympus line of floating pond fountains. For many years we have helped our customers with their pond related needs, improving our products along the way.  They range from 1/3 hp to 3 hp models with many different nozzle patterns. We wanted a heavy duty floating fountain made to last many years with low repairs. Many of our parts are made  in the Mennonite community, we are farmers as well but now its more of a hobby. we want the strong product for our customers.  To see more on all the fountains that we have please visit our Olympus fountains page.   crown-and-geyser,-1.5-hpTo improve the sights, sounds and quality of your pond, we also have Power House floating fountains.  These fountains  provide a wonderful addition to the sights and sounds of your pond.  They also provide excellent aeration to improve the water quality in your pond.  Pond aeration cleans the water and speeds up good bacteria growth resulting in healthier ponds.  These fountains provide a trumpet pattern that  is 6’ high and 25’ wide. The fountains can have LED colored  or  regular white lights that add to the night time ambiance of your pond. crown-and-geyserPond aeration systems can be used to aerate ponds of different sizes. All aeration systems are matched by phone or in person by us to make sure you have the right system for your ponds needs. Other electric pond aeration for industrial, waste water tanks and koi ponds can be found on our pond aeration pages. In addition to electric pumps to provide pond aeration, we carry Koenders windmills.  The do a great job of aerating ponds when the is no electricity close to the pond, or if fish winter-kill prevention is needed.  Winter pond deicing of boat docks, swan or duck ponds and to stop winter kill of trout and fish can be found in our Winter Deicing pages. To help clean up your pond we stock True Blue water dye in gallons or packets along with barley straw and Orb-3 beneficial bacteria. These come  in liquid form or easy throw in packets. We spend a lot of time on Aquatic Weeds and algae control. We carry weed cutters and rakes and you can order a crew that can come out and help with cleaning up your pond.  Have a look at Weed cutters and rakes to get ideas and Pond Consultations for clean up information. How we are very happy to add Sludge reduction pellets to our lineup. please go to the Sludge reduction pages and look at this wonderful product. Just imagine that if you had no sludge or bottom muck chara and other aquatic weeds would not have a place to grow!!

F1000008.JPG_re F013reWe specialize in Pond Consultations and we see hundreds of ponds every year and each one is different. In a consultation, we ask about the pond size and shape.  Is the water inline or off?  Is there a weed or algae problem?  These are only some of the many topics we cover. We save you money by telling you what not to do to clean up and enhance your  pond. You will be surprised on all the ways we can help you with your pond needs!