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Olympus Floating Fountain

Manufactured by Pond Perfections Inc.

For over 25 years Pond Perfections Inc. has enjoyed providing products and services for the needs of our customer’s ponds and waterways. 10 years ago we saw the need for a floating fountain that was more diverse for large or small ponds. Never straying from our belief in building reliable and cost effective equipment, Pond Perfections created the Olympus Floating Fountain.  The Olympus Floating Fountain is durable, dependable, energy efficient equipment ranging from 1/3 HP to 3 HP, which will serve a wide range of customer needs.  A 2-year warranty is included, and lighting accents available.  

A wide variety of nozzle pattern choices are available for different pond sizes. We strive to manufacture sturdy units that require low horsepower and low running amperage without sacrificing the height and diameter that comparable brands require.  Each unit is simple to install, easy to maintain and each of our pattern nozzles can be changed in a matter of minutes. Five different motor options and a variety of gorgeous nozzle pattern options combine for spectacular beauty worthy of each Greek god/goddess for which they were named: Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Aurora, Bounty, Hermes, Pontus, & Poseidon.

Olympus Fountain with Artemis Nozzle

Pond Perfections Inc. is committed to providing the finest fountains available in the marketplace.   View Video of Artemis Fountain displayed above.

Nozzle Patterns Available



Available for all HP Models

Sixteen angled sprays surround the base of the Artemis while eight taller jets fill the center.


1/3 HP – 10’ UH x 5’ LH x 30’ Dia.
1/2 HP – 11’ UH x 7’ LH x 30’ Dia.
1 HP – 12’ UH x 8’ LH x 35’ Dia.
1.5 HP – 18’ UH x 11’ LH x 45’ Dia.
3 HP – 20’ UH x 13’ LH x 45’ Dia.
UH=Upper Height
LH=Lower Height

Aphrodite Fountain


Available for 1/3 HP

Two multi-layered bottom crowning patterns are divided by a single center spray in this 3-tier display. 

Upper Height: 11’
Mid Height: 9’
Lower Height: 8’
Total Diameter: 24’
Artemis Nozzle


Available in all HP models

Four clusters of angled outside streams create a majestic crowning effect that surrounds four taller center streams.


1/3 HP 11’ UH x 8’ LH x 30’ Dia.
1/2 HP 13’ UH x 10.5’ LH x 40’ Dia.
1 HP 13’ UH x 10.5’ LH x 40’ Dia.
1.5 HP 20’ UH x 12’ LH x 45’ Dia.
3-HP 20’ UH x 15’ LH x 50’ Dia.
UH=Upper Height
LH=Lower Height

Aurora Fountain


Available for 1/3 HP

In 2 very distinct tiers Aurora’s low lying umbrella and high rising center trumpet streams create a lovely daffodil profile.  

Upper Height: 8’
Lower Height: 2’-6”
Diameter: 10’
Bounty Fountain


Available for all HP Models

Simple in design, Bounty’s classic crowning profile not only provides elegance, but heavy consistent streams of waterflow throughout the entire body. 


Upper Height: 8’-6”
Lower Height: 7’
Diameter: 15’



Available for all HP Models

A willow effect is formed from 10 heavy streams that symmetrically rise and trumpet out at the top.  


1/3 HP –  11’ Height x 7’ Dia.
1/2 HP – 13’ Height x 5’ Dia.
1 HP 15’ Height x 5’ Dia.
1.5 HP 22’ Height x 5’ Dia.
3 HP 22’ Height x 5’ Dia.



Available from 1/2 HP to 1.5 HP

3 strong tiers carry heavy streams of water to form this trident-like upward bodied fountain.


1.5 HP – Upper Height: 16′, Middle Height: 14′ Lower Height: 12′, Diameter: 22′
3 HP – Upper Height: 25′, Middle Height: 25′ Lower Height: 14′, Diameter: 20′

Poseidon Fountain


Available for all HP Models

Eight heavy 45 degree streams surround a single center geyser to create Poseidon’s lotus-like form.


1/3 HP 11’ UH x 9’ LH x 30’ Dia.
1/2 HP 11’ UH x 7’ LH x 30’ Dia.
1 HP 11’ UH x 8’ LH x 35’ Dia.
1.5 HP 21’ UH x 12’ LH x 45’ Dia.

UH= Upper height, LH= Lower tier height, Dia= Diameter

LED Bright Lighting

Add a “wow” factor to your Olympus Series Display Floating Fountain!   You can illuminate your water feature with bright white light by selecting our LED light kits.

The 1/3 HP Olympus fountain uses two 6-watt LED lights and the appropriate cord length required for your fountain. The light kits are built with stainless steel to reduce corrosion.

For our larger models (1/2 HP, 1 HP,  and 1.5 HP) the new LED light kit shoots a burst of bright white illumination throughout each majestic pattern from two or three 18-watt bulbs placed around the float.

Select the appropriate lighting kit size when ordering your fountain.   Add an Intermatic 24 hour timer to set the timing for your fountain lighting.  

Olympus Fountain with Lights

Floating Fountain Specifications and Options

1/3 115 7.9 50, 100 & 150 Two 6-watt white LED lights


115 / 230 7.4 / 3.4 100, 150, 200 & 250 Two 18-watt white LED lights


115 / 230 8.4 / 4.2 100, 150, 200 & 250 Two 18-watt white LED lights
1.5 230


100, 150, 200 & 250 Three 18-watt white LED lights
3 230 16.7 100, 150, 200 & 250 Three 18-watt white LED lights


1.  What temperature of water does the Olympus Fountains operate in?

They have been designed to operate in temperatures above 32°F (0°C).   Damage will occur to Fountain units if they are left in freezing water and/or allowed to operate after sitting in freezing water. Pond Perfections Inc. will not be held responsible or libel for damage to the unit as a result of operating the unit in temperatures at or below 32°F (0°C).

2.  What length of power cable do I need?

Determine length from where the location of fountain will be in the pond to your power source.  Add 15 ‘ to that length, as the power cable has to run down to bottom of pond and up to fountain.

3.  What makes an Olympus Fountain durable?

The heavy-duty float with an anti-fouling screen surrounds the rugged motor assembly.  It is designed to handle heavy sediment from corrosion-resistant construction materials which withstands harsh conditions in fresh water and unique water chemistries often present in fountain applications.

The motor shell is constructed from #316 stainless steel, and the motor shaft from #303 stainless steel with motor shaft nitrile rubber slinger to prevent sand and dirt from accumulating. The assembly also contains an internal heavy-duty, hard-faced mechanical seal with stainless steel components to keep assembly watertight.

4.  Can you ship an Olympus Fountain if  I am not located in Ontario?

Pond Perfections is located in Wingham, Ontario but ships coast to coast including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatachewan, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland.  Olympus Fountains are popular in the USA as well, and available at The Power House Inc. in Maryland.