First you need to have an idea of the size of pattern and hp you would like to have. Next look at the hydro needs of that motor, a 1/3 hp motor takes an 8 amp to run. A 1 hp or even a 1.5 hp fountain takes 9 to 10 amp. In a pond 125 x 80′ wide the fountain will sit in the middle so you need about 70′ of electrical cord to the fountain, and if the pond is 15′ deep another 15 feet is needed. So to be safe order a 100′ cord with the fountain if you plug in is near the pond.

Next we have to know how far it is to the main power box, to make sure the wire is sized right to meet the needed hydro load. If the pond is 100′ from the house you have 100′ plus 100′ out to the fountain in the pond. The fountain will have a 14 or 12 gauge electrical cord but to meet the needs of the motor a 12 gauge wire should be used to the house. If you want lights as well a 10 gauge wire might be best.

Most 1 hp fountains can be 220 volt, lights can be 115 volt. Or maybe you would like hydro for radio or night lights by the pond so you need both 220 and 115 volt. Simple just run a 12/3 wire that will handle both voltages. Your electrician will help you with this, it just takes a few questions and you have a simple yet properly sized wire for your pond needs. Send us an e-mail or better yet call, we love to help our customers!