3 years ago we developed our sludge and muck reducing pellets and have had wonderful results form them. These simple to use pellets are just broadcasted over the area you want to clean up. What you are trying for is about 12 -16 pellets per square foot.

In 7-10 days you will see thousands of tiny bubbles as the bacteria start to work. Holes in the sludge will start to appear, proving the pellets are working! The muck pellets are made up from special amino acids, trace minerals and Canadian approved bacteria. Other pellets are made with warm water bacteria and only half will work up here and they may not be on the Canadian approved list. Made for our colder climate all the bacteria work to reduce sludge.

Most of our customers will say that the pellets also slow or rid the treated area of weeds and algae. If there is less sludge weeds and algae had nowhere to grow. A lot of them doubled there first orders after trying them in their ponds. Swimming beaches and along the shores are the best places to use the pellets.

Around docks, boat houses and cottage water fronts are also very popular. Pellets used properly reduce the need to have the ponds cleaned out in year to come. A 25lb. pail will do a 2000 square foot area for the summer months, 50 lb. bag 4000 square feet. They also come in 5 and 10 lb. pails and now for smaller ponds a 1.5 lb. tub.

The sludge/muck pellets are the fastest growing pond maintenance product in the USA. Let us at Pond Perfections Inc. give you a head with your pond. Please call if you have any questions, always happy to help!