Helping our customers!

         our motto;  ” nothing ever happens till you help someone”

Helping our customers is what we do best!    Every customer is different and what they have to work with makes their situation unique. We see close to 400 ponds and waterways a year for the last 20+ years. We also help them with hundreds of e-mails, telephone call, pond consultations and visits. When you call we like to ask some questions to get to know the size and depth of your ponds. What problems you are having and would like to change. 

The types of vegetation in and around your pond, outflow, inflow, type of ground the pond was made in. Gravel or sand base, clay or black muck, types of fish in the pond. Because of all our experience this information means something to us. Then we can turn this information around to you so you can have a better understanding of you pond and its needs.

I have often said ” please call as I can talk a lot faster then I can type” you will be surprized how fast we can help you with your pond problems with just 1 phone call. My Name is Bob Willard and I am the owner of the company, my toll free # is 866-367-5932. your questions can be anything; aeration, floating fountains, water dye, aquatic weeds and algae, hydro needs, drainage, etc.

Every spring we go out and fix customers equipment and get it ready for the season,  dropping off products and tuning up systems.      Preventative pond maintenance is always good, and it keeps your costs down. When the water flow slows or in contained ponds true blue water dye can be added to block out he sunlight to unwanted weeds and algae.

        There are some pond tools that make clean up much easier on the home owners back. The Weed Razor, and the serrated weed cutters make cutting weeds much faster and our own aquatic weed net make clean up 10 times quicker. When using water dye as a weed preventive measure most of the weeds are close to shore. Once on shore chara and aquatic weeds are very light and easy to remove.

       Ponds do add a lot of value to the property but even more to the family that uses it. Many families spend a lot of time swimming, fishing, or just enjoying the sun in a pedal boat.  if we can help please let us know!

 Thank you  Bob Willard