Weed razor and cutters

Weed razor, Aquatic Weed Cutters and Rakes

Aquatic weeds and algae grow in shallow waters along the edge of ponds and lakes, in shallow swimming areas and around boat docks. In lakes they often grow between your boat docks and open waters causing problems for boaters and their families. There are 2 main tools that you can use to clean up around ponds and boat docks every day. The serrated weed cutter and the weed razor, below in the page. On ponds that are contained you can get a permit form the ministry of environment to use a product called Reward, a aquatic weed herbicide. Each one has its own job, so match it to the weeds you have and your weeds will become simple to control.

1) Aquatic Weed Cutter


The most effective bottom-cutting weed removal tool available on the market today, excellent for Chara removal. No need for dangerous and expensive chemicals; just cut the weeds along the bottom of the pond. Slide the weed cutter out on the surface of the pond with the 17’ handle. Let it settle to the bottom and pull back, bringing the weeds or chara back to the shore. On shore the weeds or chara (algae) will dry in a few minutes making it very light to take away.


  • A bottom-cutting environmentally safe tool that can cut like a underwater lawnmower.
  • 28” double-edged, braced and serrated steel cutting blade encased in an aluminum frame
  • After cutting the AWE can function as a gathering tool.
  • 11’ three-piece rust-proof powder coated aluminum handle. With additional 6’extension handle to cover larger areas..
  • Simple to ship, easy to put together

3) Weed razor

Remove your Lake or Pond Weeds in just Minutes with the Weed Razer®. The Weed Razer is a unique V shaped lake weed cutter with razor sharp blades designed to be the most efficient and effective tool made to cut or shear almost any type of rooted aquatic vegetation like milfoil, lily pads, sago pond weed and coontail. Weed Razors sharp blades can shear through water weeds with ease, and can also cut cattails.


Using the Weed Razor is a simple 4-step process:

  • Give it a toss
  • Let it sink
  • Pull it in
  • Repeat
razorb razorg
    • The Weed Razor clears a path 48″ (4 feet) wide each throw. Weighing in at just 8 pounds it is light enough to toss 30 feet or more yet heavy enough to sink to the bottom.
    • Able to cut in deep or shallow water
    • Cuts at the base of the weeds


  • There is little resistance because it slices the water weeds rather than dragging them
  • Pull behind a boat to clear path out into the lakes
  • The WeedRazor was improved for 2008 with the Weed Deflector. The Weed Deflector is an accessory for the Weed Razer designed to enhance the performance of the Weed Razor. All Weed Razors come with the Weed Deflector.
  • If you have lake or pond weeds, then the Weed Razer is the perfect tool for you.
  • Once you cut or shear the lake or pond weed, we recommend that you remove the cut vegetation from the water. Decaying vegetation will provide nutrients that can stimulate new vegetation.

As the weeds are full of oxygen they float to the top very quickly for easy removal. The weeds often only grow once or twice a year or you can trim as necessary. Using our own heavy duty aquatic weed net, (seen below) touchups are quick and easy.

Heavy Duty Aquatic Weed net


Our own aquatic weed net has been built for fast weed removal and is easy to use. It has a yellow 9’ fiberglass handle, larger 24” hoop of ½” aluminum. The heavy duty 1” square mess netting will last for years of use. It is very light and well balanced so even children can use it. Use it while standing on the shore or out in a boat, the weed net makes the weed removal job 10 times easier.

Dual-purpose lake rake

This 36” aluminum rake comes with an 11’ two-piece aluminum handle and can be used with an extension for greater reaching of weeds and algae. The pushpin splicing make for easy assembly and disassembly. It has a detachable polyethylene float and a 50’ length of rope. It can be used for floating aquatic weeds or removing bottom algae and weeds. It also works as a professional landscaping rake, excellent for beach work and sand dressing