Clear Water Lake Circulator / Bubbler

CL750, ¾ hp Clear Water unit has a black shroud has the the Power House motor , cord and impellor. P750 ice eater is from the Power House but has their white shroud. Both the CL750 and the P750 give you 1250 GPM and only uses 6 amp. on a 115 or 230 volt motor. The have a 16” shroud to help direct the mass amounts of water where you want it. Now you can blow aquatic weeds and debris away from your dock or beach area. Aquatic weeds don’t like a lot of fast moving water.

In the winter when ice is a problem the CL750 and the P750 keeps boats, boat houses, docks and marina slips open all winter. Use with the dock mount to direct de-icing or mount between slip to get a 60’ hole open. The P750 on an angle can keep greater then a 30’ wide by 100’ area open. Comes with 25’ ties ropes, and available cord lengths of 25, 50, 100,or 150 feet.

The heavy duty metal dock mount can direct the flow of water anywhere you want it. The unit will move a full 360 degree to go from 1 shoreline right around to the other shoreline. We use a metal collar to stop the unit form moving down when you want to safely change directions.

These units can also be directed straight up to 5 other positions to get debris at any angle. Can be securely mounted on any dock, horizontally or vertically. It’s like pointing a canon at the floating weeds or ice removing them from your area. .

    Optional equipment:

  • 6’ galvanized steel bar
  • debris screen for intake
  • extra impellor

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