repairsThe Koenders windmill has been around for many year. It’s very easy to trouble shoot and is a good long term investment in pond aeration.  When buying a Koenders windmill the first question you want to ask yourself is do I have enough wind.  Think about the prevailing wind, stand there a few days in a row to check wind volume. If there is trees in the area watch for wind confusion. (wind bouncing off the trees in different directions causing the windmill to not turn properly).


When preventing  winter kill of your fish is important then the windmill does an excellent job. It only has to run 2-4 days a week to keep oxygen up and carbon dioxide down. In the summer degassing a pond will help keep water quality higher and improves clarity. Not hard to put together, it take 3-4 friends to help install. Or you can have us build and install for you, we cement them in for long term trouble free aeration. If your thinking about a Koenders windmill please call, it only takes a few questions to get you on the right track.                                                    

                                                        Installing a windmill 

If you have low trees and bushes a 16’ windmill will work very well , a 20 ‘ windmill is a little better. If you don’t have a clear volume of wind to run the windmill you should think about electric aeration. The Koenders windmill will start to turn in 3 mph wind and does not have to run 24/7 to do a good job.

When you are buying a Koenders windmill for pond aeration , we build it at home. Then we transport it to the job site in 2-3 parts. Then we set the base and put the parts together with tubing and clamps all finished. We stand it up and cement in the 3 legs after leveling. Install the air diffuser in the pond and we are done!!  Depending where you are we do it all for about $600.00, and about 2 hours at your end. Let us know if you need us to install it or just guide you through it.