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ORB-3 Professional Bacteria for Ponds

Your pond has a natural level of good bacteria as a result you help to clean and improve the health of the water. Ponds that have a high nutrient load are a result of dead plants and algae and lower oxygen levels. By adding ORB-3 Professional bacteria to these ponds you increase the bacteria therefore cleaning the water and speed decomposition of sludge.

Reduces e-coli in swimming ponds and dugouts

Widely used in swimming ponds and dugouts to improve water quality.  Improves clearer visibility by removing floating partials in the water column therefore lowering nutrient load.

After you throw  ORB-3 Professional bacteria packets into the water, they on a calm day will spread across the surface. As a result partials take on water, they sink contacting algae floating in the water column. As nutrient levels decrease, oxygen levels increase, further cleaning the water. But adding aeration to your pond will increase decomposition as a result you get cleaner water.

before treatment

Polluted Water

water testing

Clean Water from Pond

Available in 1/2 lb. packets or in pellet form

We carry the ORB-3 Professional bacteria.  This is a ½ lb. packet that is thrown directly into the pond and the other is a sludge pellet. That you can spot treat the problem areas. Widely used in swimming areas in camp grounds to lower e-coli.

 The ½ lb. packets are a great simple to use product for larger ponds and lakes. Our ORB-3 bacteria is manufactured for us by Great Lakes Bio, leaders in bacteria and enzyme cultures. We have created these bacteria over many years as a result we have a very strong product for cleaning ponds.  The product contains our special bacteria formulated for Canadian colder temperatures.


 Orb3 Professional Beneficial Bacteria

 Orb-3 contains specialized strains of fast-reproducing microbes and high-volume waste consumers that voraciously feed on excess nutrients. Formulated to stimulate the natural activity with additional species of fast-acting bacteria, Orb-3 Professional Bacteria attacks nutrients in the water column and sludge bed,. Feeding on organics, odor-causing volatile, and waste from duck, geese, and fish that cause the muck to accumulate.