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Aquatic Weed Blower

The Aquatic Weed Blower CL750,which is the Power House Ice Eater (P750) is available in Canada with a dark green shroud.  The CL750 ¾ HP comes with a motor, cord and an impeller.

In the summer months this aquatic weed blower or thruster moves large amounts of aquatic weeds. The Aquatic CL750 Weed Blower gives you 1250 GPM and only uses 6 AMPS on a 115 or 230 volt motor. They have a 16” shroud to help direct the mass amounts of water where you want it. Now you can blow aquatic weeds and debris away from your dock or beach area.

Why are our units so popular?

The Aquatic Weed Blower are custom designed and engineered for maximum performance. Our aquatic weed blower units are designed to agitate fresh or salt water at maximum efficiency in all climatic conditions. Our energy efficient circulator will agitate more water than any de-icer on the market today. In the winter when ice is a problem the CL750 keeps boats, boat houses, docks and marina slips open all winter.

How much area will the Circulator keep open?

Use this bubbler with the dock mount to direct de-icing or mount between slip to get a 60’ hole open. The CL750 on an angle can keep greater then a 30’ wide by 100’ area open. Comes with 25’ ties ropes to hang between two docks . Or use a dock mount for total control of the blasting water. It is available cord lengths of 25, 50, 100,or 150 feet.  The Clear Water Lake Circulator only uses 6 amps hydro consumption, well below any other deicer. The CL750 3/4 hp will keep 60′ open in the ice. The CL1000 runs on 7 amp. and will keep a area 80′ wide open in the winter.

     Optional equipment
  • 6’ galvanized steel bar
  • debris screen for intake
  • extra impeller
  • dock mounts