ORB-3 Professional bacteria for ponds

                                   ORB-3 Professional bacteria for ponds

  Your pond has a natural level of good bacteria that helps to clean and improve the health of the water. Ponds that have a high nutrient load from dead plants and algae have poor oxygen levels. By adding ORB-3 Professional bacteria to these ponds you increase the bacteria available to clean the water and speed decomposition of sludge.

As nutrient levels decrease, oxygen levels increase, further cleaning the water. We see hundreds of customer’s ponds each year and help clean up their environment. We don’t carry many of these types of products, just the ones that work and are proven to do so!


We carry two versions of ORB-3 Professional bacteria.  One is a ½ lb. packet that is thrown directly into the pond and the other is a liquid is poured or sprayed into the pond.  The liquid format is good for small ponds up to 50’ by 50’.

The ½ lb. packets are a great simple to use product for lager ponds and lakes. Our ORB-3 Professional bacteria is manufactured for us by Great Lakes Bio, leaders in bacteria and enzyme cultures. We have created these bacteria over many years for working with ponds. The product contains our special bacteria formulated for Canadian colder temperatures.

Orb3 Professional Beneficial Bacteria

Orb-3 Professional  Bacteria in liquid contains specialized strains of fast-reproducing microbes and high-volume waste consumers that voraciously feed on excess nutrients. Formulated to stimulate the natural biota with additional species of fast-acting bacteria, Orb-3 Professional Liquid Bacteria attacks nutrients in the water column and sludge bed, feeding on organics, odor-causing volatiles, and waste from duck, geese, and fish that cause the muck to accumulate.


Available in 1-g Jug, 4×1-g Box

Orb-3 Professional Bacteria in dry solupacs is a blend of special microbes on a fortified grain carrier that consume excess nutrients, visible solids, and other unwanted growth in water. This formulation includes hard-working strains that degrade sludge-causing organics both aerobically and anaerobically, in the water column and on the pond bottom

 Orb3_pict2 Available in 5lb, 10lb, and 25lb. Pail Bulk

  • Walk around and throw in the needs packets
  • Use every 3 weeks
  • High customer reorder rate
  • Proven to clean and clear up cloudy ponds
  • Works even better with pond aeration.
  • Comes in 1/2lb. water soluble packets for easy use.