Barley Straw

Barley Straw in bags

Barley straw has been know for many years as a natural organic way to control algae. After about 3 weeks in your pond, the microbial growth combined with oxygen and warm water keeps it working for about 6 months.

barley_21Water flow through the barley straw helps to destroy algae. It also oxidizes the nutrients that algae live thus reducing their food source.

The barley straw is packed into heavy duty mesh bags. 1 bag tied with about 10’ of rope or twine every 40 to 50 feet around the pond should be adequate.  In the fall take out the bag and leave on the shore for a week or 2 to dry and use for compost.

F1000017We sell bags that are 39” x 15” and can be anchored into shallow water. Don’t put barley straw bales into the pond as they break and become a large mess and decompose into more nutrients the following year.

Bags can be shipped or picked up at our location.  While there, come and see our demonstration equipment and pond.