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                            Aquatic weeds and algae

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There are many different types of aquatic weeds, some can have a large impact on the pond. Swimming , fishing , boating can all be adversely affected. Here are some of the common ones.
Curly-Leaf chara Elodea Sago
 As Aquatic Weed Specialists, we have many ways to help control the overgrowth, decrease the sludge in the bottom of the pond and improve water quality. We have many aquatic products to help you control your pond. The first of the following picture is of filamentous algae taking over a large part of the pond, the other pictures are Water Milfoil or Elodea. As you can see once the plant has taken hold of the pond, swimming, fishing or even the enjoyment of watching fish is difficult.
F019re Boating in lakes or ponds can also be affected by weed and algae overgrowth. They get tangled in the propellers and navigation is much more difficult.
F1000008.JPG_reThe picture on the right is Chara.  An algae that grows in shallower waters and is plant-like but has no roots . It feeds off the bottom sludge and uses the sun to aid its growth. Once it takes over the pond’s edge it becomes a challenge to use the pond.
 F013rePond maintenance can handled in many ways , here a man with great balance and a trusty raft cleaning weeds from the pond. Spraying weeds in your pond is another way of controlling the weed population. Some of our aquatic products are weed cutters and nets. These greatly reduce the labour and time spent cleaning weeds and algae.
 This is where a Pond Consultation comes in handy. We will identify the weeds and plants, test the water for different parameters and go over the needs of your pond. We will help you come up with a management plan for the overall health of the pond and your lifestyle needs.
F1000010.JPG_reAnother weed that causes problems in ponds is Sago Pondweed. It can grow very tall starting at the bottom of the pond. It starts with a few scattered plants then multiplies into clusters like the one pictured on the left. There are different ways to control this type of weed, and doing so when the problem starts will help you keep it under control.
F007reMany families are looking for more enjoyment out of the waterways that are close to their homes. Driving to the cottage is getting harder so ponds at home are being landscaped. Docks and interesting out-buildings near the water can add a great deal of enjoyment to the family’s leisure time. Friends and family can visit creating endless hours of fun fishing, swimming, boating, or just enjoying the sunshine.